Monday, September 12, 2011

The Perfect Thing to Wear to an Event Marking the Murder of 3,000 Americans?

Yes, indeedy. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama actually wore this little number yesterday to a Washington DC event marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The event was "A Concert For Hope" held at the Kennedy Center.

I'm thinking exactly what the woman on the right is thinking.

Thanks to Adrienne at Adrienne's Corner. Go to her post to learn more about the oratorical genius of the man who is so smart he has voluntarily chosen to escort Michelle to public events.

Linked at And So it Goes in Shreveport, where Pat Austin is preparing for Oktoberfest at Barksdale Air Force Base. Thank you, Pat!


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for the link.

    When I first saw that picture at Motus it took my breath away. The only thing missing is one of her huge gaudy cheap pins dead center in that bow. Is she insane? Silly question!

    Also notice the way the shoulders of the dress stand up.

  2. The only thing missing an excess of turquoise jewelry and yellow gold.

  3. A Giant Freeking Bow of Doom is trying to suck the First Lady's heart right out of her chest and all you guys can do is snark.

    Sad, really.


  4. Wow. Regardless of the occasion, I have one important question: what the heck is that giant thing on her shirt?

    The wise words of Missy S: "Like many other observers I found it difficult to establish the underling aesthetic of MoBama’s wardrobe, until it dawned on me: Her thing is overkill."

    I must admit: the absence of a boob belt under the Giant Bow is glaring.


  5. they don't even try to act like they care for America..what a horror.......................

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  7. Oh that has to be a hat. If they turn it over after unpinning it, they will see the combs on it.

    (sorry for the removal, it published when I wanted to preview!)

  8. @Adrienne - I think the pin fell off from the weight of the rhinestones. The fit is really odd, I agree. Do you think Moochie borrowed the top from her Mom?

    @Trestin - True. The turquoise and gold are probably on her shoes.

    @innominatus - Snark? What snark?

    @noone - Right! Her thing is overkill. Moochie's probably considers this outfit understated to the point of staid. No boob belt, no gaudy pin, no necklace weighing more than a White House chandelier. Not being a fashionista, I didn't realize the extent of her devotion to "her thing" until I visited the post you recommended at Edge of the Sandbox. Zowie!

    @Woman - What continually gets to me is Moochie's absolute insistence on wearing gaudy party dresses to Medal of Honor ceremonies. That cannot be an accident. But it is always an opportunity to be the only person in the room not in dress uniform who is not wearing black.

    @Tina - The hat! Right! Her dresser pinned the hat to the blouse! Of course!

  9. QR, eons ago, I worked in a law office. We had clients & witnesses & such come to the office about an hour early before court. I can't tell you how many women would show up for court wearing sequined evening halter dresses. We'd send them home or bring our own things for them to change into. They just didn't know. We tried telling clients to dress "for church", but if they'd never gone to church, many had no frame of reference.

    And I guess with Mrs Obama, no one is willing to tell her the dress for a Medal of Honor ceremony isn't the same as opening day at Ascot. :-(

  10. Oh my. No black with pearls for this one. I'm not surprised. She hasn't dressed appropriately once. Not once. There's always something too glaring, too bright, too obnoxious or too tight. Or all at once.


  11. @Tina -- It must be pretty frightening to imply to Moochie that there are times and places where she doesn't make the rules.

    @malcontent -- Succinct and to the point!

    @pjmom -- Yet Time magazine managed to call her the "Leader of the Fashionable World." Maybe she thinks she's in competition with Lady Gaga.