Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kaboom! Iranian Nuclear Facility Explodes

From The Australian via Jihad Watch :
Satellite imagery seen by The Times confirmed that a blast that rocked the city of Isfahan on Monday struck the uranium enrichment facility there, despite denials by Tehran.

The images clearly showed billowing smoke and destruction, negating Iranian claims yesterday that no such explosion had taken place. Israeli intelligence officials told The Times that there was "no doubt" that the blast struck the nuclear facilities at Isfahan and that it was "no accident".
That uranium enrichment facility used to look like this:

Courtesy AP
Now, not so much.

But that's not all:
The explosion at Iran's third-largest city came as satellite images emerged of the damage caused by one at a military base outside Tehran two weeks ago that killed about 30 members of the Revolutionary Guard, including General Hassan Moghaddam, the head of the Iranian missile defence program.

Iran claimed that the Tehran explosion occurred during testing on a new weapons system designed to strike at Israel. But several Israeli officials have confirmed that the blast was intentional and part of an effort to target Iran's nuclear weapons program.
Here's a view of that military base before the November 12 explosion:

 Courtesy ISIS: Institute for Science and International Security
Here it is after the explosion:
Courtesy ISIS: Institute for Science and International Securit
Major-General Giora Eiland, Israel's former director of national security, told Israel's army radio that the Isfahan blast was no accident. "There aren't many coincidences, and when there are so many events there is probably some sort of guiding hand, though perhaps it's the hand of God," he said....
Linked by Chris at Wyblog, who also reports the good news that the solar energy boondoggle is fizzling out and that Mark Steyn reads our dear Pundette (being the smart fellow that he is). Thanks for spreading the word, Chris.


  1. Iran, if you build it, Israel will come!

  2. Miss QR, that is good news at lunch time! It's such a relief to know Israel still takes care of herself.

    @Odie LOL! So true!

  3. You go, Bibi!

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  4. Awesome! Don't mess with Israel! Hopefully this will halt Iran's nuclear program for awhile.

  5. @Odie -- It's great to know that somebody in power is standing up to evil.

    @Tina -- Not just Israel, but the rest of us also can sleep a little better tonight.

    @Liberty -- Bibi is a hero through and through.

    @Teresa -- Yes, every setback for Iran's nuclear aggression program is a cause for joy.

  6. Iran still is not talking much about all this.

  7. we sent a black ops team to blow that bitch up and made it look like an accident. tha was an US condusted operation.