Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day: Occupy Cleveland Nuts Try to Blow Up Bridge (UPDATED)

Occupy Cleveland protester and alleged bomber
wanna-be, Brandon Baxter, reportedly
had been "living on the streets."
He turned 20 years old on Friday.
Photo credit: FBI.
Blogger Adrienne, an advocate of civilized discourse and behavior, remembers celebrations of May Day involving baskets of flowers and children's flights around a Maypole.

With a darker view of society, Occupy Whatever members view May Day as a worker rights holiday featuring celebrations of anarchy and revolution (livestream via Adrienne's Corner and here).

Today, Cleveland area FBI agents observed May Day by escorting to court a trio of Occupy-connected, self-proclaimed anarchists who attempted to blow up a bridge on state Route 82 in Cuyahoga Valley National Park:

Arrested yesterday in connection with the bomb plot were Brandon L. Baxter, 20, Connor C. Stevens, 20, Joshua S. Stafford, 23, Douglas L. Wright, 26, and Anthony Hayne, 35. Three of these men, Baxter, Wright, and Hayne "are being charged with conspiracy and attempted use of explosive materials to damage physical property affecting interstate commerce."

Occupy Cleveland organizer Anthony Hayne. 
Photo credit: Cory Shaffer

Charges against Stevens and Stafford are pending.

Not being held accountable are the Occupiers and Occupier fans who glamorize socialism, communism, anarchy, street violence, and revolution.

Update: 5/2/12:

Via CBS Chicago, the Occupy Cleveland anarchists who planned to blow up a Cleveland area bridge "also talked about plotting acts of terror in Chicago during the NATO summit":

Douglas Wright, age 26
Wright said it would be “crazy” in Cleveland after the group blew up the bridge, but “crazier in Chicago with people coming from everywhere to Chicago to protest the NATO summit. Wright also “predicted a ‘s**t load’ of people going to Chicago to protest the summit would first come to Cleveland, presumably drawn by the destruction of the bridge.

He predicted that anarchists ultimately headed to Chicago would riot in Cleveland for a week, “then everyone will leave and downtown Cleveland will ‘be a pile of rubble and ashes,’ as anarchists in every major city in the country will ultimately be ‘rioting and destroying each city,’” the criminal complaint said.



  1. Just excitable boys, I bet, just lookin' for a home. Thank God the FBI seems to still be led by sensible people.

    Funny about the cafe owner knowing them from her own participation in Occupy and claiming "they don't represent the movement". None of these Occupy people - or "Arab Spring" people either (funny coincidences those) - seem to know anything about cause and effect.

    1. Ah yes. The "movement" radiates sweetness and light, we are supposed to believe. Meanwhile, it is impossible not to notice that Hayne advertised his anti-societal intentions by shaving his beard to resemble the "devilish goatee" of the Anonymous/Occupy version of Guy Fawkes.

    2. Those Guy Fawkes masks are really evil looking aren't they? They don't inspire sympathy, but foreboding.

  2. Sounds like we needed a longer winter. It's a philosophy (OWS) that GIVES the loudest the most.

    1. Indeed! Long, cold winters keep the vermin and parasite populations down to manageable levels.

  3. The radical leftists are at it again. Boy, they sure do know how to cause trouble. I think we need to ship these lunatics off to some far away place.