Wednesday, September 29, 2010

After Everything We've Seen . . .

Here's one great pep talk to help get us through to November:

Thanks, Opus #6.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Will New Yorkers Put a Conservative in Hillary's Old Senate Seat?

That's what New York needs, that's what the country needs, and that's what we might get if enough fed-up New Yorkers show up to vote.

Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is New York's junior senator not because she was elected, but because she was appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's barely warm seat. And who was she appointed by? David Patterson, the lieutenant governor who stepped into Governor Eliot Spitzer's shoes when Spitzer resigned after getting caught paying an estimated $80,000 for prostitution services while he was New York's attorney general and governor.

One of the first things that Gillibrand did after having been handed a Senate seat was to drop the NRA support that had helped her win a seat in the House in conservative-leaning upstate New York--and then run straight into Chuck Schumer's gun control camp.

Her strong pro-abortion stance proved to be much more durable; shamefully, she voted against restricting the use of U.S. taxpayer funds to ensure that they are not used coercively to force women in China to endure forced abortions and sterilizations.

Then she went on to vote yes on hundreds of billions of dollars of spending for so-called "stimulus," "recovery," and "revitalization" that drove the state and country into a spiral of ever-deepening debt.
Now Gillibrand faces an election for the six-year senatorial seat that was handed to her by her Democrat cronies. Her opponent, Joseph DioGuardi, is a proven fiscal Conservative and former Congressman who has been working to bring fiscal reform to the budget process since 1985.

Leave it to Dick Morris and Eileen McGann to point out that, unlike for DioGuardi's resume, the “delete” button" on Gillibrand's computer must have worn thin as she has erased large segments of her past."

For example, for years (until a New York Times article outed her behavior), Gillibrand earned her keep by using her legal skills to help the CEO of tobacco giant Philip Morris cover up "evidence that he knew of tobacco's addictive properties and that it caused cancer."

Another "disappeared" item on her resume was the real nature of her job when she was serving as council to HUD under Andrew Cuomo, the Dem's current pick for NY governor.  That job was to promote subprime mortgages to people who couldn't afford them. Later, when the financial meltdown started, she and her husband made a bundle in the stock market by shorting stocks in firms that were hit hard by subprime mortgage defaults.

Gilliland's opponant, Joe DioGuardi, is her polar opposite. When he says, "I cannot sit on the sidelines now that our economy is in shambles," there is substance behind his words. DioGuardi is a CPA who, in 1990, when he was a junior member of Congress, introduced a bill to "help bring sanity to the budget process in Washington, DC."  As he says:

Two years later, I wrote a book to warn the American people about the gross lack of fiscal responsibility, financial accountability, and transparency on Capitol Hill, even predicting the inevitable insolvency of America. Today it is absolutely clear that my grave concerns can no longer be ignored, as millions of Americans lose their jobs and their homes. I want to finish the job that I began in 1985 to insure that the United States is once again acting in a fiscally responsible way to protect our economic and national security.

Finally, after decades of fiscal abuse, the political climate is right for DioGuardi's sensible reforms.

New Yorkers, take note!

Monday, September 27, 2010

These Outlaw Woman Won't Take It No More

Mind Numbed Robot did his own take on Hank Jr.'s seventies song, Outlaw Women.

Ladies, you know who you are!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I'm Mad as Hell Too, Carl!

New York is one of bluest of the blue states, as demonstrated by its ranking as the #1 Big Spender State. This election season, though, something unexpected is taking place in this Progressive Paradise: the usual party-backed, shoo-in candidates are getting nervous about achieving those formerly business-as-usual victories at the ballot box.

Here in rural New York State, increasingly visible next to roadside stands stacked with pumpkins are a new crop: bright orange lawn signs that proclaim "I'm mad too, Carl!Carl Paladino, a plain-talking political outsider from Buffalo with a checkered past that includes zero political experience and a fistful of dollars that he earned in his real estate business, is rapidly gaining an enthusiastic following in New York's gubernatorial race.

No wonder: Paladino, whose battle cry has been "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!" is a real meat-and-potatoes guy when it comes to drafting a plan for New York State. You won't find any limp arugula in his list of reforms.

First, Paladino is promising some serious budget cuts to make room for some serious tax cuts.

On the spending side, he vows to cut government spending by 10% in his first six months in office and by 20% in his first year. Because New York State spends more on Medicaid than any other state in the union--shockingly, double what California spends--Paladino plans to knock $20 billion off that bill--which would greatly reduce local county taxes in the state (by as much, perhaps, as 40%). He also promises to cut property taxes and state income taxes for the manufacturers who have not yet fled the state's tax structure.

On top of those cuts, Paladino plans to slash New York state's gasoline tax of 31.9 cents per gallon.

Paladino, who has never before run for office and says that he will never run again, has got a few changes in mind for state legislators, including 8-year term limits. In New York, state legislators work only part time, so Paladino promises to eliminate their pensions and their discounted lifetime health care coverage--or make them work full time for full benefits. Another change Paladino wants to see is full disclosure by state legislators of the amount and sources of their non-legislative income to deter "conflicts of interest."

Paladino is opposed to ObamaCare, to abortion, and to the building of the Ground Zero mosque, and he sees legal means whereby New York will not be required to participate in all three.

In New York State, a plan like that is a target for a barrage of negative press.

Nevertheless, I have not seen one yard sign supporting Paladino's opponent, Andrew Cuomo, a career politician from Queens, the eldest son of one of New York's former governors, and New York's current attorney general. To be fair, I should mention that orange election signs are not the vogue in Cuomo's native Queens -- yet.

To help voters of this state make the crucial decision, what we really need between now and November 2 are a couple of good old-fashioned televised political debates featuring the two men who want to be top dog in New York State.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"How Great Thou Art" sung by Alan Jackson

One of the most popular hymns of all time, based on an 1885 Swedish poem set to the melody of a Swedish folk song, here sung by country singer Alan Jackson.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

One lump or two?

Thanks to Hope n' Change, the Conservative Daily Webcomic.

Friday, September 17, 2010

On Yom Kippur: Echos of a Shofar

From Jewish Odysseus:
Muslim imperialists pretend that the activities of non-Muslims are an affront to their faith; they threaten uncontrollable violence if thus affronted; and "responsible" (cowardly) authorities indulge the Muslim threats by repressing the "offensive" behavior.
Well, as we can see, in Jerusalem from 1930 to 1947, they didn't back down. And look at the results! Look at the faces of these old men, as they recount how, as youths, they REJECTED FEAR AND DHIMMITUDE. Do the decades not fall from their faces as they go into the beautiful details? And we all know that, by 1967, no-one could ever prevent the Jews from blowing the shofar at the Kotel [the Western Wall of King Solomon's Temple] again:

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New PC: Teaching Middle Schoolers to Pray in Mosques

The question is asked, "How did Wellesley public school teachers allow this to happen?"

One answer is that they were women, segregated from the boys and men, willing to be segregated, willing to allow--and even instruct--their female students to be segregated, and willing to abdicate their authority over and the protection of their students--male and female--and their students' civil and Constitutional rights.

Will these teachers be willing to "try on" burkhas the next time? Or will veils for the middle school girls suffice?

What were these teachers and their students doing in the mosque in the first place?

And what was the politically correct content of the post-field-trip class discussion?

Census News: Ranks of Working Poor Highest Since 1965

We're talking last year's figures, when Obama got busy transforming the U.S. into a socialist haven dotted with golf courses for the elite. That was also the year, according to the U.S. Census, that 10% unemployment helped swell the ranks of the working poor to the highest level since at least 1965, when Lyndon B. Johnson was president.

In 2009, one in seven people in the U.S. were living in poverty--43.6 million people.

Poverty was up more than 1% since the previous year, 2008, when 13.2% of people in the U.S., or 39.8 million, lived in poverty.

What's keeping the wolf from the door for many families? Federal expansions of unemployment insurance (up to 99 weeks of payments after a layoff) and an increase in the number of working mothers.

It is past time for this country to get out of the way of the job producers, at least 85% of which are small businesses.

That's one message we need to carry with us into November.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Union City, NJ Sues Imam Rauf For Being "One of the Worst" Slumlords

More sleazebaggery by Imam Rauf, one of Union City, New Jersey's worst slumlords, according to Union City Mayor Brian Stack.

Rauf owns two apartment buildings in Union City, NJ, but he hasn't shown much interest in providing his tenants with heat, electricity, gas, pipes that don't leak, smoke detectors, fire alarms that work, etc. In fact, one of his two buildings is vacant since it was destroyed by fire two years ago. Rauf owes Union City tens of thousands of dollars in fines, and the City is suing, not only for payment of the fines, but to have a custodial receiver take over management of the occupied building since the fire alarm there failed. [Addendum, 1:10 p.m.: Since that failed fire alarm was discovered, according to an on-air Fox News report by David Lee Miller, Union City has had a police car parked in front of the building 24/7 in case of fire.] A hearing is scheduled today in Hudson Valley Superior Court.

According to David Lee Miller of Fox News, "Mayor Stack described the Imam as 'unscrupulous' and questioned his statements about wanting to help people and build bridges while his own tenants were living in 'shoddy conditions.'" 

From The Jersey Journal:
"I think we are trying to send a message here, not only to Rauf but also to other slumlords, that in Union City you are not welcomed here," [Mayor] Stack said.

Stack said the timing of the lawsuit has nothing to do with the controversial proposal to build the center and mosque near Ground Zero.
When asked to give advice to New York the Mayor warned, “any town where he (Imam Rauf) buys property, be alert, because he is not a good landlord.”

According to Mark Albiez, a spokesman for Mayor Stack, "He's a terrible landlord who's unresponsive to the residents who live in his building."

That's not much of a surprise. The rest of America has had a view of "Bridge-Builder" Rauf's "unresponsive" side.

The imam and his wife remain silent on the matter.

Update, 9/16/10: Neither Rauf or his wife and business partner, Daisy Khan, were present at Rauf's 9/15/10 hearing. As reported in, “They have been under a lot of stress,” said the lawyer who showed up to speak on their behalf. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

That Was Quick: Dems Vote To Crush Small Businesses Under 1099 Forms

Yesterday I reported on a new ObamaCare regulation requiring businesses, charities, and local and state governments to keep track of where they purchase everything and, if they spend more than $600 at a given business in a single year, to send that business a 1099 tax form and also one to the IRS.

Today the Dems defeated an amendment proposed by Republican Senator Mike Johanns of Nebraska that would have repealed that law.

The madness of this regulatory nightmare was illustrated today by Chris Wysocki at Wyblog, who wrote:
Think about a midsized trucking company. The back office would have to collect hundreds of thousands of receipts from every gas station where its drivers filled up and figure out where it spent more than $600 that year. Then it would also need to match those payments to the stations' corporate parents.

See, this is what happens when you hire a bunch of academics who've never worked a real job in their lives and put them in charge of our economy. They say they're out to help small business, but the reality is quite different.
Surprise, Oh Obama-Lovin' Academics! Besides helping to kill the jobs of many of your students' parents (who might otherwise have paid tuition and made contributions to your schools), you will be directly affected by the 1099 requirement, which also applies to non-profits. Your institution will have to shuffle through literally tons more paperwork.

That should have an interesting effect on your educational institution's eagerness to send you to your next receipt-laden, expense-paid symposium, eh?

In fact, the reduced revenues and additional costs should have an interesting effect on your employer's eagerness to keep you on the payroll.
 Related: Just ♥ Paperwork? Obama's Got A Brand New Law For You!

Another Ground Zero Mosque Imam Calls 9/11 Islamists "Scapegoats"

Courtesy Stilton Jarlsberg at Hope n' Change
People have told me that they are sick of hearing about the Ground Zero Mosque.

Imam Rauf of the proposed 9/11 Victory Mosque for the 19 Martyrs has not only exceeded his Andy Warhol-allotted 15 minutes of fame (far too much for America's taste), but he's already managed to achieve way more than 15 weeks of the 15 centuries of fame he's aiming at by bringing a mosque to Ground Zero.

I call it infamy.

The 9/11 Victory Mosque should have been stopped in its tracks with a zoning ordinance long ago. But it wasn't, incidentally protecting NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's revenue stream from the Middle East.

Now, just about every day, the Ground Zero imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf, or his wife, Daisy, or one of his shape-shifting developers, comes up with another outrageous insult to the American people. Almost daily, one persevering researcher or another hauls a steaming new piece of the Ground Zero Mosque team's history and intent from the nether regions into the sunlight.

One of the latest exposures of the Ground Zero mosque scandal involves another, lower profile, Ground Zero imam, Faiz Khan, this one an unapologetic denier of the role of militant Islamists in 9/11, except, he claims, as scapegoats.

No Sheeples Here has posted on this latest episode in these imams' ongoing efforts to pull the wool over America's eyes.

No Sheeples is not forgetting, and neither should the rest of us.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Just ♥ Paperwork? Obama's Got A Brand New Law For You!

Try this scenario on for size:

You and your spouse run a little Mom-and-Pop business, which is on the edge of extinction because many of your former customers are unemployed workers or the businesses that laid off those workers. It's Monday, September 13, and you are somewhat frantically calculating your quarterly federal taxes, due September 15, when you realize you've just run out of printer ink. You rush down to the local Big Box and buy a couple of boxes of toner and a few other office supplies--enough to get you through today's hassle and some to keep on hand as backup--fingers crossed you have enough cash on hand to pay those taxes.

Spend more than $600 in one year in that store on all the business-related items you purchase there and--Presto, National Work Serf, you've got a brand-new unpaid forced-labor job: Now you must file what is known as a 1099 tax form both to the IRS and to the vendor.
Got that? You, the customer, have to keep track of how much money you spent at that particular Big Box between January 1 and December 31, and, if you discover that you've spent more than $600, you've got to file a special tax form both to the Big Box and to the IRS.

It's all about a new regulation buried in the ObamaCare law, that little-ol' law that was so important to the nation Obama that the Democrats in Congress decided to skip their Christmas Eve dinner at home just to pass it.

Section 9006, to be specific.

Look around your local small businesses: how many different 1099s will have to be filled out by your favorite deli, diner, or bakery, your plumber, carpenter, computer repair guy, jeweler, used book dealer, local liquor store owner, corner auto-parts retailer, propane delivery company, independent moving van owner, etc., etc., etc. Imagine how many different companies each one does business with to keep that little operation going. It adds up to quite a few.

Oh, and by the way, the new law also applies to charities. I pity the already overworked volunteers at the local food bank and abused women shelter.

That's not all. Local and state governments will have to file the forms too. Meaning more taxes for everyone to pay for more government-employed bookkeepers and clerks.

One alternative does exist. If Nebraska Senator Mike Johanns gets his way, Section 9006 of the ObamaCare law will be repealed by an amendment attached to Obama's latest "let's all pretend to save any small businesses that we haven't yet destroyed, just before the November election" bill, which is planned to be the Senate's first order of business in the new session of Congress.

Retiring Republican Senator George Voinovich of Ohio is putting his weight behind the amendment. His version of Let's Make a Deal goes like this: He will join the Dems and cast his vote as the crucial 60th vote in favor of Obama's small business bill if the Senate "considers" Senator Johann's amendment to repeal the new paperwork nightmare.

With the only Americans behind this law being those who just love to do paperwork (nobody I know), you might expect Democrats seeking re-election to get behind the plan to get rid of Section 9006. But Senator Johanns is expecting President Obama to "try to get Democrats to walk the plank again on this provision and vote against it. What that means is they would have to go home and say well, I voted that you will have to do more paperwork instead of creating jobs."

Work Serfs, you know who to call.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Geert Wilders' 9/11 Speech @ Ground Zero (Video)

"America, New York, and Shariah are incompatible."

Profound thanks to Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs and to Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch for organizing the 9/11 Rally of Remembrance at which Geert Wilders was one of the speakers. Also thanks to the Gathering of Eagles:NY, who offer photos of and links to some early coverage of the 9/11 Rally.

"Draw the line on this Sacred Spot."

Related: El Marco Reports on Geert Wilders at 9/11 Remembrance Rally

El Marco Reports on Geert Wilders at 9/11 Remembrance Rally


Update: Geert Wilders' 9/11 Speech at Ground Zero here.

Project 2,996: A Tribute to Shuyin Yang and Yuguang Zheng

Pause to consider the lives of a loving couple who enriched those around them with many acts of compassion and kindness but were taken on September 11, 2001. Yang Shuyin and Zheng Yuguang had been married for 35 years. She had been a pediatrician; he a chemist. She had an active sense of adventure; he was a quiet good listener. She loved to cook; he practiced tai chi and liked to paint. To their two children, she was a kind, attentive, open-minded mother; he was a loving, patient father.

Shuyin and Yuguang were devoted to each other. They lived in Beijing.

After they retired, Shuyin and Yuguang came to the United States to visit their daughter, Zheng Rui, who was earning a post-doctoral degree from Johns Hopkins University. (Their son, Yang Shidong, was then an engineer working in Japan.) They stayed for almost a year. The couple enthusiastically learned English as well as they could and, with help from their trusty dictionary, embarked on conversations and made friends in the neighborhood. Just before leaving on their return flight, Shuyin, Yuguang, and their daughter and son-in-law, Wan Li, spent a week in Maine, hiking, swimming, and enjoying the sights.

As the couple were about to board their flight to Los Angeles for the first leg of their journey home, they hugged and kissed Rui and promised to return. Shuyin and Yuguang were not able to keep that promise. The airliner they boarded, American Airlines Flight 77, was hijacked by Islamic terrorists who crashed it into the Pentagon.

Shuyin had left behind a gift, an image of the Bodhisattva Guanyin, who, Rui explained, "hears the cries of the world and responds with deep care to those in need. Guanyin is also believed to bring happiness, give love and take care of people. That’s how my mother lived her life."

The features of her father's paintings, Rui said, capture him: quiet, peaceful, but full of vitality."

The thought that Shuyin and Yuguang were together at the end offers some comfort to their bereaved family. Perhaps the painting below would have brought a smile of recognition to the faces of Shuyin and Yuguang. In the Chinese tradition, a pair of mandarin ducks symbolize a loving couple.


Project 2,996: A Tribute to William J. Meehan

This is a repost of a tribute I posted on September 11, 2009, as part of Project 2,996, in which bloggers volunteer to remember the valuable lives of the people we lost on September 11, 2001.

Bill Meehan was a 49-year-old husband and father of three who lived in Darien, Connecticut, and who had had just moved his office to the World Trade Center in late August of 2001 because he was being asked more and more frequently to share his views of Wall Street on CNBC. Bill was chief market analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald, the country's largest bond firm, with more than 1,000 people working in four floors of the north tower.

I never knew Bill Meehan, but Amy Langfield did, and she wrote about him in a letter to her parents on September 18, the day she learned of his death. Amy had just returned to New York, where she reported on Wall Street matters for Reuters. Later, Amy published that letter in her blog, Amy's New York Notebook, on June 24, 2002, in a post entitled, "There's No Forgetting."

Here's some of what Amy wrote:
I used to talk to Bill Meehan nearly every morning when I was writing the market curtain-raiser for Reuters. He was often the first person I talked to in the mornings and always helped me get my bearings for the day. Super nice guy, always helpful, and had a good grasp of overall market conditions. I had to call analysts about 7:20 a.m. and find out what they thought the most important factors in the market would be that day -- there weren't that many people already in the office and on the ball by then, but Meehan was, and was [one of] only about five guys we knew who would bother to talk to reporters that early.
The New York Times had a few things to say about Bill Meeham too:
William J. Meehan liked to say he had the ideal job. "All he had to do was give an opinion," said his wife, Maureen. But when Mr. Meehan opined, Wall Street listened: he was chief market analyst for Cantor Fitzgerald.
The job was ideal if you did not mind rising at 4:30 a.m., which Mr. Meehan, 49, did to write his column for The Cantor Morning News, an online newsletter. He was a fixture on the proliferating financial shows and got to banter with Louis Rukeyser on "Wall Street Week."
A Meehan opinion was grounded in books. "He would read everything and anything," his wife recalled, "not just financial but also biographies and Harry Potter, too." He bought the early Potter books for his daughter, Katie -- and ended up reading them himself. But for a man who spent many a vacation day between hard covers, Mr. Meehan was also big on the Internet. "He was the first guy I knew to buy his Christmas tree online," said Steven Montano, The Morning News's managing editor.
Mr. Meehan initially worked for Cantor in Darien, Conn., where he lived, getting home in time to coach his three children in Little League, flag football and basketball. But in August, as his TV appearances became more frequent, he shifted to the World Trade Center.
In Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Alkaban, a book that Bill Meehan might have read if he had lived, Dumbledore tells Harry, “‘You think the dead we loved ever truly leave us? You think we don’t recall them more clearly than ever in times of great trouble? Your father is alive in you, Harry, and shows himself most plainly when you have need of him."

September 11, 2001, is a date that has been made sacred by the passing of so many. Every day since, many of us have been in need of somebody who died that day. In the days to come, America will continue to have much need of those we have lost, and we will profit much if we look inside ourselves to capture the lessons they would impart.

Friday, September 10, 2010

With Young People Like This, There's Genuine Reason to Hope

In the background of this photo you can see Cornell University's McGraw Tower, flanked by two of the university's libraries. In the foreground is Cornell's central green, known as the Arts Quad, where today under a warm autumn sky I met some bright, beautiful students who were standing quietly, each holding a bundle of American flags and offering passers-by the opportunity to place one of the flags in a design that, when completed, will spell out, "Remember 9/11."

It did my heart good.

Flags on Arts Quad
Robert Barker/University Photography

The students, who must have been only about 10 to 12 years old in 2001, explained that their 9/11-- Never Forget project is a cooperative effort of the Young America's Foundation and the Cornell University Republicans and (nearby) Ithaca College Republicans, with flag donations from the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The project is more than a memorial. It also is a fundraiser in which the students will donate a dollar to the VFW for each flag placed and collect donations from those wishing to give. Last year, the first year of this memorial effort at Cornell, participating students placed 2,977 flags, representing "each person tragically killed in the terrorist attacks." [See video here.] This year they intend to do the same.

Industrial and Labor Relations School student Peter Bouris, class of 2012, recently told the Cornell Chronicle that the memorial is meant to "help everyone remember and reflect on what happened nine years ago."
Bouris said his involvement in the memorial has been "extremely fulfilling. Last night a gust of wind came up and the flags started waving at once. It was like reaching the top of the mountain.'

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Turn: Joining the Flight 93 Blogburst: Dangerous Willful Blindness

Via that genuinely heavy metal guy, Mind Numbed Robot:
From Alec Rawls at Error Theory:

 Alan Keyes, logo-sizeConservative hero Alan Keyes is asking whether there is a pattern of submission surrounding the nation’s 9/11 sites. Apparently he has seen our video expose of Islamic and terrorist memorializing features in the crescent memorial to Flight 93 (now called a broken circle). Like any straight-thinker, he doesn’t like what he sees. The Flight 93 crash site is no place for a giant Islamic-shaped crescent, no matter what it is called.

On this point, Keyes cites Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo’s 2005 objection to the newly unveiled Crescent of Embrace design:
Back in 2005, then-Rep. Tom Tancredo was reported to have sent a letter to the National Park Service “asking the Interior Department to reconsider the crescent-shaped design of the memorial to those aboard a plane hijacked on Sept. 11, 2001, because some may think it honors the terrorists.” Tancredo quite sensibly argues that “regardless of whether ‘the invocation of a Muslim Symbol’ was intentional, ‘it seems that such a symbol is unsuitable for paying appropriate tribute to the heroes of Flight 93 or the ensuing American struggle against radical Islam.’”
Keyes notes our claim that the design is still replete with terrorist memorializing features and he seems to find it credible. Why shouldn’t he? The damning features are all right there in architect Paul Murdoch’s design drawings. Thank you Doctor Keyes!

“It’s not just embarrassing. It is a dangerous willful blindness, spurning the woken vigilance of Flight 93.”

That’s the last line of the full-page advertisement that Tom Burnett Senior and Alec Rawls will be running in the Somerset Daily American this Friday and Saturday (when the two first ladies will be in town for the 9/11 anniversary):


Click for legible image. Full ad-copy PDF here (large file warning).

We are hoping that visitors will hold onto our ad, maybe even tape it to their car windows, and most especially, show it to any press people they come across. Hey, if the Park Service can use 9/11 to plant the world’s largest mosque on the Flight 93 crash site, we can use 9/11 to object.

To join our blogburst against the crescent mosque, just send your blog’s url.

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

About the Ground Zero Victory Mosque: Faces of Sorrow and Resolve

Patriot and extraordinary photo journalist, el Marco, who blogs at Looking at the Left, posted these powerful images at Part II of his photo essay on the "multi-ethnic, multi-racial coalition of Americans opposed to Islamic violence and intolerance [who] rallied at the site of the World Trade Center in New York City" this past June.

Below "are parents and spouses of firefighters killed on 9/11. The rally took place just a minute’s walk from Ladder 10 Firehouse, where their loved ones were stationed for duty that terrible day. Ladder 10 lost seven firefighters.":

As el Marco pointed out, the "9/11 families were joined by immigrants from India, Russia, Egypt, Israel, Africa, Iran and Europe to show opposition to the construction of a mega-mosque at Ground Zero." He posted this video, which captures some of their observations:

I think it is quite clear that the people captured in these images will never forget and will never give in.

El Marco has just posted Part I of his latest photo-essay,  "Islamic Triumphalism: Cruel Lessons From History for New York City." In it, el Marco records some of his experiences as a tourist observing the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aqsa, two mosques built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the holiest site of Judaism, where, "in general," el Marco reports,"Jews are not permitted to ascend."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Say What? A Real Unemployment Rate of 16.7% or Even 22%? Where Are Those Jobs?

This graph, courtesy The Christian Science Monitor, shows unemployment from mid-1997 to the present. 

The red line shows people who currently have no job and are looking for full-time work. That figure, seen through the rose-colored glasses of the federal government, who want nothing better than votes for the party in power, is currently estimated at 9.6 percent.

The blue line adds to that figure part-time workers seeking full-time work and unemployed people who aren't looking at the moment because they have given up or because their unemployment check is carrying them for the present. This real unemployment figure is currently 16.7%.

Of course, that figure is only as accurate as the government statistics used to construct it. Not everyone believes in the accuracy of government statistics, particularly those whose business models won't work without accurate information. One such person, consulting economist John Williams, calculates the current real unemployment rate as much higher than 16.7%--more like 22%:

So where are all the jobs?

The folks at Investor's Business Daily, which follows such things very closely, are quite sure that those jobs are not to be found in big business, but in America's small businesses:
Our work — and we maintain a huge database on all public companies — shows that big businesses created no net new jobs over the last 25 years. Zero. Zip. When big businesses buy other companies, thereby padding their payrolls, they don't create new jobs. In fact, they usually consolidate and lay off people in duplicative positions. Many also downsize over time.
It is smaller businesses, and especially new entrepreneurial businesses, that drive each new business cycle. And the government — including the politicians who set tax policy — should recognize what these innovative companies do in their first 10 or 15 years.
The SBA defines a small business as one with fewer than 500 people. And yes, when Sam Walton started Wal-Mart and Bill Gates started Microsoft, each had maybe 30 or 40 employees. A year later they had maybe 75, the next year 120, then 320, then 501.

From that point on, they were no longer considered small businesses. But over the next 10 to 15 years, one of them created more than 1 million jobs and the other 500,000.
What America needs, clearly, is for Obama and his team--who collectively have almost no experience working in the private sector--to get off the backs of small business owners, the very people who early on joined the Tea Party movement carrying signs that read, "Where is John Galt?" indicating their unwillingness to continue to work and risk and to work and risk some more in order to supply a power-hungry government with the financial resources to buy the votes of those who do not work.

The Obama administration is actively burdening small businesses with ever-more demanding costs and regulations that serve the IRS and Leftist group-think fashions like Obamacare and Cap and Trade.

America's small businesses are anxious to "spread the wealth around," but in the old-fashioned way, by hiring other people to help them develop profit-making enterprises that supply communities with the products and services that they want and need.