Friday, March 13, 2009

But Not a Single Photo of Obama Signing Away $410 Billion. . .


  1. That thing is hard to watch. If I see much more of Obama's condescending and ingracious smile, I'm gonna puke.

  2. True, Yukio. I feel the same. But putting it together was a real education for me. Because I have been avoiding looking at images of him whenever possible, I had not been aware of the intensity of the staging of his images as "the heroic (but ultra-cool) savior" on just about every magazine out. His media worshipers did everything but display murals of his face on the sides of public buildings (well, it probably was done somewhere, but I missed it).

  3. And So it Goes in Shreveport blog had a picture of a billboard emblazoned with Obama and caption "You Can Too!" Not a public building, but still pretty big.

    Yeah, Obama spent a lot of time building the ultra-cool motiff, but then he's been practicing since before Chicago. Even Dennis Miller called Obama "a cool cat." Style over substance has been a problem for a long time, but now we have style hiding substance (a bad bit of substance). I think this could be relatively new for the US.