Monday, March 16, 2009

What's a Few Russian Tu-160 Long Range Strategic Bombers among Friends?

. . . especially when each one is capable of carrying 12 cruise missiles that can be fitted with nuclear warheads. Hey, if those Russian pilots need to "stretch their legs" in Cuba or Venezuela on their way home from bomber "reconnaissance patrols," no problem.

At least that's what defense analyst John Pike of GlobalSecurity.Org told the Miami Herald:
In purely military terms the odds of the U.S. fighting either Venezuela or Russia are pretty low. A few bombers more or less would not make much difference, in any event.

Gee, and I was about to worry.

I have my reasons: Vladimir Putin is on record that Russia should “restore its position in Cuba,” and Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, Igor Sechin, challenged the U.S.'s "exclusive rights" to Latin America.

They're not joking. Last September, Russia sent a couple of their Tu-160 strategic bombers for a little soujourn in Venezuela, and then, in November, they sent along their nuclear-powered flagship, Peter the Great. This warship, like its namesake, is no powder puff. Hillary Clinton can make light of red buttons (let's "reset") all she wants, but there are enough genuine red buttons aboard Peter the Great to initiate unimaginable carnage: it is armed with 20 nuclear cruise missiles and up to 500 surface-to-air missiles.

Hugo Chavez loved every U.S.-hating minute of it. In the last four years, Russia has agreed to sell him more than $4 billion worth of armaments, and that's just the beginning. Maybe Obama once thought that sharing a socialist agenda with Chavez and having a propensity to schmooze with the enemy would smooth the way, but Chavez recently stated that Obama has the "same stench" as George W. Bush, a man whom Chavez frequently called a "devil."

I just hope Hillary doesn't hand another red button to a Russian dignitary. You never know what he'll do with that middle digit.


  1. The bombers are insignificant. Plenty of ICBMs and nothing the US can do when they're inbound. What's significant is Russia openly testing Obama and the US regarding the often bent Monroe Doctrine. They're pushing another button on Obama (not the "reset" button) and seeing how he reacts. My bet is that he does nothing and hopes it goes away, or maybe use some strong language like "unhelpful" as he did with Iran. This will give the measure if what they can get away with and what Obama is interested in.

  2. Obama is being tested in every continent. From Asia to South America, all the bad guys are taking aim at this guy. Is there reason to worry? No! We have Hillary at State and Panetta at the CIA...............................

  3. Thanks guys for your much appreciated input.

    Americans will not sleep better knowing that nuclear warheads pointed at the U.S. are parked in Cuba and Venezuela. And the message to the rest of Latin America and the world?

    Obama and his administration, of all people, understand full well that one's political opponent can die by means of a thousand cuts.

    Why doesn't he understand that nations can be destroyed the same way?