Friday, January 8, 2010

Ed Koch: "Speak the Truth"

America's got the right people, but they're not in the right places. In Congress and throughout the Obama administration, we've got muddle-headed, venal idiots who couldn't rub two neurons together to come up with a lucid thought.  Elsewhere, we've got clear thinkers like Ed Koch, former NY City Mayor (h/t: The Right Scoop):

A selection of those choice words in print:
  • Koch: I would like to know why it is that we haven't honored that Dutch citizen with gifts and whatever else would make him happy for having saved 288 people who were on that plane.
Why haven't we honored, in a big way, those two cops--one a woman, one an African American--in Alabama at Fort Hood, who were willing to put down their lives (and they in fact saved American soldiers who might otherwise have been shot in addition to those who were shot)?
I just don't think our attitude is adequate.
  • Cavuto:  You also mentioned the message we're sending the world when we try to step back from calling this what it is: a war. Now the administration is trying to avoid that to better relations or to reach out.
Koch: Has it helped? Has it helped?

Cavuto: His approval and America's regard has gone up in those countries.

Koch: Isn't that nice! Did they stop trying to kill us?

Cavuto: So you say he is wasting his time doing that?

Koch: I am saying, "Speak the truth!"
And if there are no other people who are out there trying to kill us other than Muslim fanatics, there's nothing illegal, immoral, to say that is the case.
Cavuto: And you can also say the vast majority of Muslims are decent law-abiding people.
Koch: But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't pat down specially--if there are muslims in line, and we know that to be the case--boarding a plane.
I don't see anything wrong with profiling. What are we, crazy?
  • Koch: I believe frankly that the pending election could be a tsunami for Democrats.
From Koch's lips to God's ears.

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