Friday, January 15, 2010

More Martha Coakley: Curt Schilling is a Yankees Fan (Audio)

I didn't think Martha Coakley could make me laugh out loud, but I was wrong:

Transcript of the money quote:
Dan Rea: Scott Brown has Curt Schilling, okay. (laughs)

Martha Coakley: Another Yankee fan.

Rea: Schilling? 

Coakley: Yes.

Rea: Curt Schilling, a Yankee fan?

Coakley: No? All right, I'm wrong on my . . . . I'm wrong.

Rea: The Red Sox great pitcher of the bloody sock?
Coakley: Well, he's not there anymore.

Former Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling considered running for the U.S. Senate seat himself. He has endorsed Coakley's opponent, Scott Brown, for the U.S. Senate seat, and has plenty to say about Coakley at his blog, 38 pitches. A sample:
If we elect Coakley, or if enough people vote to get her into office, we’re going to get exactly what we deserve as a nation. A bankrupt country footing the bill for a health care plan so full of pork it oinks, that we can’t afford by the way, and MASSIVE cuts to medicare and medicaid that will seriously impede medical services for senior citizens.
Massachusetts can change it all in 5 days.
H/t: Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

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