Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sometimes It's Tea Parties, Other Times, Potluck Suppers

One year ago today, as I was just starting this blog, I could not have predicted that today--joy of joys--I would be welcomed to a blog prepared by an incredible group of stand-up Conservative women. It's called Potluck.
Since I'm new to this neighborhood, I've been dropping in on my new neighbors to see what they're up to. 

Today's Health Care "Summit" was on most everybody's minds. I found Pat Austin of And So it Goes in Shreveport poring over the Summit roster, reading Charles Krauthammer, and otherwise preparing to take in the spectacle. While Fuzislippers at Fuzzy Logic was contemplating American solutions to health care, Jill of Pundit and Pundette was taking in news that the Democrat machine won't admit to: polling shows that nearly three-quarters of Americans want to throw out both ObamaCare and the bathwater (stinky stuff, that). Then Pundette started in on an analysis of the effectiveness of the GOP versus the DEMs: "substance versus anecdote" was the way she put it.

MarySue from Ruby Slippers observed that Independents distrust ObamaCare almost as much as Republicans, and that Republican Paul Ryan hit the nail smack on the head when he patiently explained to the Dems that "all the answers don't lie in Washington." Politicaljunkie Mom, fresh from an examination of Obama's cover-the-Earth obsession with the Big O graphic, unleashed her inner art critic with a review of today's Obamabuki Theater. One Ticked Chick, the Coffee Milk Conservative, took a peek at what they are thinking of the Health Care Summit on the other side of the Pond.

These women really know how to prepare for Congress watching! Over at Adrienne's Corner, Adrienne got in shape by pruning her dogwoods before putting out her Congress-watching gear, including a good supply of Pepto-Bismol. Obi's Sister spent a day practicing gratitude and then reviewed some of the happenings at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Jeb Bush fan Carol Tackett, at Carol's Closet, focused on not letting Florida Governor Charlie Crist get her down.

Shout First, Ask Questions Later relaxed with a few old hits by Maurice Chevalier before taking on the question of whether it's a good idea to be "the party of No." Ann Leary, the Backyard Conservative, got in shape for Summit viewing by watching Olympic ice hockey, then got down to brass tacks: "Look. Everyone has compassion. The question is, how can we afford to pay for this?"

Oh, and No Sheeples Here! reported on CPAC, demon sheep, and standing guard over liberty before setting up a live feed from the Summit.

This is one amazing neighborhood. Drop in and join the discussion.


  1. Thanks for the link. It's gonna be a gas!

  2. Happy blogiversary! And yay, Potluck is such fun, isn't it? :D

  3. Happy Blog-birthday! One down and who knows how many to go?

    Congrats, Quite Rightly. You're always one of my first stops in the blogosphere.

  4. Thanks, folks!

    I wish I could send all of you a piece of cake.

    The Conservative blogosphere, with all its great people, is making a new woman of me!

  5. I'll take a bite of that cake with the strawberries and blueberries.

    Potluck, a gathering place for those who are standing guard over liberty.