Monday, July 25, 2011

President Petulant Stamps Foot, Again

It [the debt ceiling] must be extended in a way that gives certainty to [the] economy through ‘13....
~White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley

William Jacobson asks: How badly does Obama want to get reelected?

I think most of the country knows the answer to that by now, whether or not we, as individuals, are willing to admit to ourselves or our neighbors how little our welfare means to our president.

As Jacobson points out, Obama wants reelection "So badly that he still claims to be willing to veto any debt bill which does not extend the debt limit beyond the 2012 elections."

It's for our own good, the White House says. The American people need economic certainty.

Myself, I'd settle for a slight feeling of confidence that our entire economic future has not already been flushed.

Meanwhile, Pundette wades into the Debt drama's thickening plot: How real is Reid's plan anyway, considering that it contains "about a trillion in ‘savings’ from ending the war in Iraq that’s already going to end”?

If Reid's plan is anything like the Gang of Six "plan" of less than a week ago, it's not real at all.

Hang in there, Boehner.


  1. @Woman - For a long time after his election, Obamatons frequently would to tell me, "Give Obama a little more time. He just needs more time."

    I don't hear that anymore.