Thursday, July 7, 2011

Rubio's Rant: "I want to know how many jobs these tax increases will create."

Today, Rush ran clips from this rant by Marco Rubio (R-FL) during his Senate Floor colloquially with Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). When I heard them, my heart sang. Later, I was thrilled to find a video of the event at The Right Scoop:

Give a listen. The juicy parts start at around 7:55 and then again around 9:45:
A taste: 
We don't need new taxes. We need new taxpayers, people that are gainfully employed, making money and paying into the tax system.

And then we need a government that has the discipline to take that additional revenue and use it to pay down the debt and never grow it again.

So you look at all the new taxes that are being proposed and here's what I say:  I say we should analyze every single one of them through the lens of job creation, Issue #1 in America.

I want to know which one of these taxes that they're proposing will create jobs.

I want to know how many jobs will be created by the plane tax.

How many jobs are gonna be created by the oil company tax that I heard so much about?

How many jobs are created by going after the millionaires and billionaires that the president talks about?

I want to know, "How many jobs do they create?"

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