Friday, November 25, 2011

Neurosurgeon Talks about ObamaCare: Over 70? Die.

How many "units" over age 70 will have to die before the people of this country get rid of ObamaCare?

Uh, so far, nobody is talking about what the Obamatons have in mind for "units" under age 4.

Addendum 1/10/12: This post is still getting a lot of traffic, so I am adding this chart to clarify why I fear that ObamaCare could put children under the age of 4 at risk of facing health care rationing similar to that imposed on the elderly? Check out the health rationing curve published by Obama's health care advisor, Ezekiel Emanuel:

Hat tip: Adrienne.


  1. They don't make "units" like they used to. ;-)

    I don't think that today's "units" have in mind providing Dems with "comfort care."

  2. That Dr. is not the only unit declaring entity.
    In the F D A--US code (not sure where or what paragraph) refers to control of agriculture and dairy---something in the way as to----humans And OTHER ANIMALS.
    Listening to coast to coast, some guy from TX., took the FDA to court over their attacking him with FDA regulations; he found that phrase in their own US code, and the FDA settled out of court; denying him his day in court; a settlement is not a win, but a diversion to keep his arguments out of court records and not allowing a Precedence to be set in case law--especially against the U.S. Gov.; especially that would shatter-runaway Home Land Sec., and Dept.'s of runaway activities simulating Police State Control.

  3. @They Say/We Say: We can only wish that the current administration considers us "entities."