Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NYC Locates a Sane Judge to Rule against 24/7 #OWS Campout

The "occupiers" can stay in Zuccotti Park, but their camping gear cannot.

From the Wall Street Journal:
A judge ruled against Occupy Wall Street protesters, upholding a move by New York City and the landlord of the privately owned plaza to clear tents from Zuccotti Park and prevent protesters from bringing equipment back in.

Hours after police cleared the last protester from their encampment Tuesday, lawyers for the city and Brookfield Office Properties faced off with Occupy Wall Street representatives inside a courtroom.

Supreme Court Justice Michael Stallman weighed whether to extend a temporary restraining order that bars the city from enforcing park rules against tents and other camping equipment. The original ruling came after police and sanitation workers had already swept all personal belongings from the two-month-old encampment, with more than 200 people arrested in the raid.
Lice, tuberculosis, scabies, garbage, trash, illicit drugs, human waste, and wireless technology still welcome. Not sure about the drums and rats. Update: The occupiers say they will be subject to search before entering Zuccotti Park, which might (maybe) perhaps (possibly) mean that illicit drugs are not (entirely) welcome.

Live link to the Zuccotti Park "occupation" here.

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