Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No, Really: 1% of Americans Think U.S. Economy "Very Good"

That's a stirring endorsement of President Obama, isn't it?

How about this one: 20% of Americans think their families are better off financially today than they were 4 years ago. Those 20% (plus another 1%) think the U.S. economy is in "fairly good" shape.

That leaves 78% of Americans thinking the U.S. economy is in bad or disastrous shape--nearly all of the 80% whose families aren't better off than they were 4 years ago--under a Republican president.

These figures, by the way, are taken from a March 7 - 11 CBS/New York Times poll.

Something tells me Obama isn't quite as popular as some folks would have us believe.

H/T: Hope n' Change Cartoons.


  1. Some think he's the cat's meow, while I think he's a cat box.

  2. @Odie -- I like that! Consider it swiped.