Friday, March 23, 2012

Today's National Rally for Religious Freedom: Photo Evidence

Today, in at least 129 cities across the U.S., Americans gathered for an hour at noon to protest the Obamacare mandate requiring health insurance companies to provide "free" contraception, abortaficients, and sterilizations, an administrative regulation with the force of law intended to compel many Americans to violate their religious beliefs.

I didn't hear a single reference to this event in today's broadcast news or on talk radio, but the rally really did take place:

Philadelphians rallied in front of Independence Hall.

Lexington, Kentucky families stood under umbrellas.

So did advocates of religious freedom in Fort Wayne.

Toledo protesters were heckled as a bishop spoke.

Folks in Grand Rapids took their religious freedom seriously.

In Cleveland, 1,000 people turned out.

In Washington DC, people prayed in front of the Department of Health and Human Services.


  1. We had a good turn out in DC. I would say about 1K people. Which really is amazing considering that HHS is not an easy place to get to on your lunch hour unless you work on the hill. No parking for blocks without a permit and not near a metro stop. It was work to get there.

    Lila Rose and Star Parker were the featured speakers.

  2. Good turn outs at all of those places.

  3. Great roundup of pictures showing the crowds of the rallies at various cities around the country. Thanks for posting.

  4. @girl -- That's good news. I think most of the rally locations were held at or near state capitals, city halls, or other public places where parking is difficult but visibility is high. Even so, the rallies seem to have been "noticed" mainly by local media, if at all.

    @Odie -- People are talking about follow up rallies. Hopefully, this movement will build up steam.

    #Teresa -- One picture truly is worth a thousand words. In this case, sad words. Hard to believe that Americans are standing out in the rain trying to get support for freedom of conscience.