Thursday, July 8, 2010

ACORN's Part in the Philadelphia Black Panther Voter Intimidation Scandal

When the Philadelphia Black Panthers intimidated voters in November of 2008, one eye witness to the intimidation was renowned Civil Rights attorney, Bartle Bull, who worked in Mississippi in the 1960s to support voting rights for Blacks. The current federal administration, Bull says, is challenging Americans' right to vote in support of what he describes as "political opportunities in the next election," that is, to "maximize" votes for Democrats by protecting hundreds of thousands of illegal ACORN votes from the attention of poll watchers.

This interview of Mr. Bull by Megyn Kelly of Fox News is an eye opener. To cut to the chase, you might want to start at 1:30. (Thanks to Teresa of teresamerica, who has published much more valuable information on this topic.)

Some quotes from the interview.
The power of the administration of the United States was working against the Voting Rights Act. They were protecting the people who were abusing the law.


And the fundamental point to me is that Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy did not die to have uniformed thugs blocking the doors of the polling places with weapons. And for the first time in our lifetime the national administration is protecting the abusers instead of the voters.


Because they want to maximize the vote. The New York Times reported one week before the election on Oct 27, 2008, the New York Times reported that ACORN had registered 1,300,000 voters of which the Times said 35% were fraudulent--that's over 400,000 ACORN voters. And this was an effort to protect those illegal voters, and you do that by intimidating the poll watchers who were challenging them, and that's what happened.


The President of the United States, Mr. Obama, has violated his oath of office to enforce the laws of the United States because he is not enforcing the Voting Rights Act, which he swore to do.


It's a staggering outrage, and it's exactly not the cause that people like Martin Luther King died for. He died to help people to vote. I was in Mississippi working in elections where people risked their lives to vote. And here the administration is challenging that system.


It leaves us in a terrible situation where the government is deciding what laws to enforce based on its political opportunities in the next election. And I think this next election will be very dangerous because all those illegal ACORN voters are still on the roles all over the country and now we are going to be intimidated from challenging their false votes.

I testified about two months ago in Washington before the Civil Rights Commission, and there, for example, seven of these uniformed Black Panthers came and sat immediately behind me during my testimony, and when I was called on to identify them I had to stand up and point to King Shamir Shabazz, the man with the billy club, and he took my photograph, attempting to intimidate me, inside the hearing room, and that's an incredible outrage.

(What can be done?)

I think publicity is very important because the light of day does not encourage this kind of behavior. But the real problem is that we now have hundreds of thousands of illegal voters who are registered--and probably more are being registered right now--and they're intimidating the challenges to those votes in the future.
Why are elected officials unafraid of American voters?

Bartle Bull is doing his best to tell us one of the answers.



  1. hear Al not so Sharpton say anything..course not! come to WHT to work up an appetite..heh

  2. Thank you for the mention. This is such a blatant violation of the 1965 Civil Rights Voting Act. I guess Obama, his minions, and the New Black Panthers are out for revenge or reparations for the past. This is just plain wrong and must be stopped!

  3. From the NBPP site.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Khallid Muhammad had a heavy influence on the young Shabazz while an undergraduate and law student. As an activist, Malik Zulu Shabazz organized students and stirred up the campus of Howard University as never before- making the campus a beacon light of Black Consciousness and student revolution. He was called “one of the greatest student leaders of all time,” by Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.
    This a Muslim attack of Dhimmitude, to make the infidel feel like second class, supported by the Justice Dept. and WH.