Monday, November 1, 2010

Still Undecided? Start by Eliminating the ACORN Candidates

ACORN called me this weekend to get me to vote for one of their local candidates.

Yes, that ACORN--the organization that has dipped their ink-stained, vote-stealing fingers into the electoral process in a number of states, through something they call "Project Vote." (ACORN has been caught committing election fraud in the states marked in red.)

Many voters in my state, New York, don't realize that ACORN has its very own party here, imaginatively called the Working Families Party, so it was under this name that I got my election-season call. ACORN not only helped found the Working Families Party, but ACORN's executive director, Bertha Lewis, is one of the party's co-chairs.

The WFP, as they like to be called, has sister parties in other states: namely, Connecticut, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Delaware, Vermont, and Oregon. Curiously, these are all states where, like New York, ACORN has never been caught doing any mischief, except, memorably, when two young journalists, Hannah Giles and James O'Keefe, posing as a pimp and a prostitute, released "a shocking undercover video that showed employees at a Brooklyn ACORN office" giving them "illicit financial advice" about how to start a brothel employing (and using violence against) young teenagers from south of the border.

Most Democrats running for office in New York State are co-endorsed by ACORN's Working Families Party. This means that these candidates get their name on the ballot under both the Democrat Party line and the Working Families Party line and get to collect votes from both parties. The Working Family Party votes often tip close elections toward Democrats.

More important to Democrat candidates, probably, are those handy little services ("an army of paid canvassers" like the caller who dialed my number) provided to them by the Working Families Party--in exchange for support for ACORN's agenda and tax dollars gifted to ACORN through legislative votes.

This November, ACORN is hot for votes for NY gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo, the NY Attorney General who couldn't manage to find any ACORN wrongdoing in New York, video and other evidence notwithstanding.

Here in the Ithaca area, a couple of office seekers who swooningly ACORN are Maurice Hinchey and Pam Mackasy.

If you'd like to identify the ACORN favorites running for office in your area, I suggest you start by looking under the heading "Democrat." Birds of a feather, etc.

I can guarantee you that you won't find ACORN-endorsed candidates on the Republican roster.


  1. on my way to vote ! 310 million people in our Nation deserve a heck of alot better than the terrorist sympathizers in govt!!!

  2. Good on you, Angel. We deserve better, and I think we're going to get it!