Monday, August 15, 2011

Obama's Green Magical Misery Tour Bus Powered by Wind & Batteries (Updated)

Well, not really. It's not any kind of green and it's powered by that same stinky-exhaust stuff that other buses run on.

Except more of it. A lot more.

Not counting the limo fuel used by the presidential limo and the jet fuel used by Air Force One to transport Obama to his bus.

Yes indeed. That's a real man of the people.

Obama walks from the Presidential Limo to his $1.1 million bus. Friendly looking, isn't it? But not too electric.
President Obama is engaged for the next three days in what political operatives call “bracketing” – a technique by which you horn in on the media attention being paid to your competitor and muck up their message. 
Consider that for a moment: The sitting president is in such dire electoral condition that he is looking to “bracket” the still-forming Republican field . . . .

Thus opines Chris Stirewalt of Fox News.  

And don't think you're not paying for it. 

No less an authority than the White House has already announced that you are

In addition to the unusually high tab associated with Obama junkets, the President of Cool can't just rent a bus for his three-day bracket tour and have it retrofitted with security like those piker presidents of the past used to do.  Nope. He needs a specially built armored bus costing a mere $1.1 million.

Bill Clinton waving from the door of his 1996 reelection campaign bus, which did not at all resemble a Darth Vader conveyance. Back then, Democrats still hadn't determined that red, white, and blue are "tacky" campaign colors.

So whom did Obama bracket today? Michelle Bachmann.

Red, white, and blue still works for Michelle Bachmann.

Ditto for Rick Perry.
Herman Cain opts for flag blue.

The Secret Service says a $1.1 million Darth Vader bus that matches Obama's ride will be made available to whomever wins the GOP nomination.

But something tells me that if the GOP nominee turns out to be Sarah Palin, she'll stick with her "We the People" wheels. After all, as Alaska governor, she flew commercial and sold the governor's state plane to save Alaskan taxpayers $1,674 per hour of gubernatorial flying time.

Sarah Palin added spacious skies and mountain majesties to her patriot bus.
Update 8/16/11, 11:30:

Next time you're wondering how much gas you can afford to put into your vehicle, remember this 40-vehicle presidential motorcade cruising through Minnesota (posted by Pundette).

Is it my imagination, or is the number of cars in that motorcade about 1/3 of the 125 Chevy Volts sold in the United States during the entire month of July?

Linked by Ed Driscoll at PajamasMedia, who calls Obama's new ride the "Stealth Bomber Blunder Bus of Economic Doom." I like that!  And thanks!


  1. Obama is so pathetic. He fits in with the Darth Vader bus. The man is so out of touch.

  2. Do you think we can convince him to drive to Hawaii?

  3. LOL! Looks like he flies in on Air Force 1, hops in the limo and rides over to the bus for the drive into town. Those logistics remind me of making connections between terminals at Houston George Bush Intl Airport. Thinking about it makes my eyes cross!

  4. @Teresa - That bus is creepy looking, isn't it?

    @Trestin - Maybe he could embark from the section of the San Francisco bridge being built using parts from China.

    @Tina - I wonder what it costs American taxpayers to put the president in a rural setting in front of a few dozen people and cameras.