Friday, March 9, 2012

Pay to Pray? White House Organizing Prayer Vigil in Public Square

Want to hold a prayer vigil outside the White House in support of religious liberty and rights of the unborn and recently born? Plan to be arrested in a heartbeat, like this group of six clergy and supporters who dared to kneel in prayer in front of the White House less than one month ago:

On the other hand, would you like to hold a prayer vigil outside the Supreme Court in support of ObamaCare? The White House is is organizing a prayer vigil for this very purpose.

This inquiring mind wants to know: Will open displays of the cross and other religious symbols be permitted in the public square at Obama's event, unlike the religious symbols at Georgetown that were covered as a condition of Obama speaking there?

Obama at Georgetown, which is not public property.

Will the words God and Jesus Christ be censored from prayers uttered in favor of ObamaCare, as they have been censored from prayers in military memorial services and burial rituals at the Veteran's Administration's Houston (Texas) National Cemetery?

The national cemetery whose administration forbade the use of the words God and Jesus Christ in burial services.

Sadly, in the eyes of this administration, prayers and acknowledgements of the Divine are political tools.

What's next, pay to pray?


  1. How many times do I have to tell you? The Left is suspicious of Freedom!

  2. @Odie -- Only until the Lefties get it. :-(