Monday, April 9, 2012

Kitchen Politics: Another Reason to Brew Your Own

In this case, tea.

Coke does it, Arby's does it, Kraft does it, and now, even Kraft's Miracle Whip does it:
Advertising ‘Fail’: Miracle Whip Seemingly Embracing the ‘Socialist Fist’

Miracle Whip has long made debatable advertising choices, seemingly trying to turn a kitchen condiment into the emblem of a social movement. . . .

And now, Miracle Whip seems to be jumping on the Occupy Wall Street bandwagon with an advertisement saying, “Keep an Open Mouth,“ and ”Join the Cause,” with the all too-familiar socialist fist clutching a bottle of Miracle Whip.

Miracle Whip’s website is running similar video ads that may or may not have political undertones.

For instance, in one of the advertisements a group of towns-people with torches and pitchforks (tea partiers?) are stirred into a frenzy over a bottle of Miracle Whip. They describe the bottle as having “red markings.”
There's nothing like knowing which side your bread is mayo'd on.



  1. Doesn't matter ... I like REAL mayo.

  2. @Woodsterman -- Does Kraft really think they're going to make money selling salad dressing to socialist revolutionary grafiti artists? Pass me the eggs and olive oil.

  3. Oh my gosh, does this remind me of my OWS post where I cataloged all these clinched fist clip art graphics. When you combine the fact that OWS was a total put on by an Elitist anthropologist, and the article that was done on the centralization of control of the Fortune 500 companies, it makes me look at these in another light...
    Kraft, Coca Cola, and Yum Brands (owners of Arby's) - I might have to do a post.