Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Senators Give Constituents the Bum's Rush on Health Care

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, a Democrat, is strongly behind Obama's Cap-n-Tax and Government Health Care.

Plenty of her constituents don't like these plans and don't want to pay for them, but the Senator and her staff are refusing to hear from Missourians who aren't 100% supporters of the Obamaton Nation.

Recently, McCaskill's staff locked the door on opponents of Government Health Care who called on the Senator to express their concerns, flipped these Missourians a two-handed bird, then lowered McCaskill's office blinds and called the police. It is telling that the man nearest to the locked door was wearing a "We the people" shirt.

Here's the video:

Maybe Senator McCaskill's attitude toward her constituents contributed to the huge turnout at a town hall meeting focusing on Government Health Care. The Senator didn't bother to attend the meeting herself. She did, however, condescend to send a staffer. Why should a powerful dignitary like a Missouri Senator spend actual taxpayer-funded time talking to mere taxpayers assembled specifically to meet with her at her invitation?

At that crowded meeting, a young former Marine explained to the staffer that the U.S. Constitution does not list government ownership of the the health care sector as an enumerated power. He got a standing ovation. Fox News has been running some video of this town hall meeting and has interviewed the young patriot. Here's what he told McCaskill's staffer:

Deliberate exclusion of and public and private insults to non-Obamatons by lawmakers and their staff have been happening all over the country. In New York, Obamaton Senator Chuck Schumer's staff was videotaped refusing to give the time of day to an elderly World War II vet. Not only did Schumer's minions arrogantly refuse to let the gentleman enter Schumer's office, they didn't even have the basic courtesy to offer the elderly man a seat.

It was a case of "Go away, old man, we don't need you any more," which pretty much sums up Obama's Government Health Care plan.

Obviously Congress is planning to do whatever they are planning to do, the rest of us be damned.

And we will be, if we let them get away with it.

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