Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Sick Truth III: Restricted Health Care for People With Special Needs

Just when you thought your heart couldn't break any more for your country and your neighbors, a responsible private citizen turns another page of the government takeover of health care bill and finds this:
"Pg 354 Sec 1177 - Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of Special needs ppl!"
I am too sick to continue at the moment, but a courageous former Marine, who twitters under the name Fleckman, just keeps on, sending tweets with his discoveries. As I write this post, he is at page 994 of America's most shocking read.

Strong stomach or not, we all need to find out what is in this monstrous bill. If we don't, we'll be doing more than thinking about it, we'll be living it.

I say it's time that we stop letting Congress off the hook by clucking that they don't have time to read the damn thing.

They sure as hell get paid for writing it.

Click here and tell Congress what you think of restricting health care for our most needy citizens so that ACORN retirees and their families can get a cash infusion (pg. 65 Sec 164). Maybe they read that section. In fact, maybe they wrote that section.

Most grateful hat tip to: and to The Strata-Sphere, the latter of which aptly summarized Obamacare as "one insurance source to find them, and in the darkness bind them."
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  1. The Obama administration seems to believe that the quality of medical care for the individual should somehow have something to do with the potential they have for contributing to society (as if they can know).

    Check out this op-ed at the NY Post:

    If true, it is sobering.

  2. Yukio, thanks for the link. It is sobering.

    The Obamatons must have picked their idea of contributions to society out of the devil's hatbox: condemning people to suffering and pain, most especially those who can't resist.

    Funny, almost all of the people I know spend a good chunk of their lives trying to avoid that kind of "contribution."