Thursday, March 11, 2010

More NY Reps Wavering on ObamaCare: Numbers to Call

Yesterday I started listing the recent public positions (and phone numbers) of New York State's potential swing voters on the Senate ObamaCare bill.

Here are two more:

Dan Maffei (NY-25, Syracuse, Dewitt, most of Wayne County) was an enthusiastic supporter of the House bill, but now his intentions are not as clear. According to, Maffei, a first-term Congressman, "has publicly opposed the Senate bill because of the tax on so-called Cadillac insurance plans."

The League of Women Voters is running a TV ad asking voters to encourage Maffei to Vote No. The League is running a similar ad for Mike Arcuri (NY-24).

Dan Maffei's Phone: Washington (202) 225-3701; Local (315) 423-5657

John Hall (NY-19, Peekskill, Stony Point, Mount Kisco, Port Jervis, Beacon, Arlington), another enthusiastic supporter of the House bill, is a word mincer. According to Hall: 
  • Basic Medicare will not be affected (Don't worry about those Medicare Advantage cuts, or cuts for hospitals and doctors). 
  • Only the richest Americans will pay (Not you)
  • Rationing of care is not explicitly in the bill (Socialized medicine? Never heard of it).
Hall's basic message on ObamaCare, as far as I can tell: Shut up, voters, and go back to sleep.

Despite Hall's strong support for ObamaCare, Dick Morris has pegged him as a possible No vote for the Senate ObamaCare bill.

Somebody must be calling. Why not you?

John Hall's Phone: Washington (202) 225-5441; Local (845) 225-3641 x49371

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