Monday, March 29, 2010

More ObamaCare Fallout: It Gets Worse and Worse

Nancy Pelosi wanted us to wait until the ObamaCare bill was passed before we found out what was in it. Well, we're finding out.

Cases in point:

No Sheeples Here reported, "I spent the wee hours of last night trying to console my best friend." No Sheeples' friend has a son with Type I diabetes who requires dialysis as a result of his condition. In comes ObamaCare, out go much needed treatments for people requiring dialysis. (The geniuses in Congress also managed to forget about children with pre-existing conditions.) No Sheeples wrote, "My friend of thirty-two years is a strong woman who has great faith in God’s mercy, but last night she was inconsolable."

No wonder. As Carol of Carol's Closet points out,
"[I]f you or a loved one is dependent on dialysis to live, you can kiss it off.  What?  You'll die without dialysis?  Well, under ObamaCare, that's just too bad. 

The Bride of Rove has the whole sorry story.
The condensed version of Bride of Rove's explanation (but read the whole thing) is that today, many dialysis patients can live normal enough lives to hold down jobs. After January 1, 2011, a mere eight months from now, ObamaCare will deprive those people of much of their treatment, leaving them with only minimal care designed to keep them barely alive. It should not be necessary to point out that most "barely alive" patients do not stay "barely alive" for long.

That's why No Sheeples' friend is inconsolable. If you read the accounts of No Sheeples Here and Bride of Rove, you will be inconsolable too, unless, of course, you are one of the elected members of Congress who voted to pass ObamaCare despite the pleading of the American people. In that case, you will be standing on your feet applauding and cheering.

Over at Potluck, Obi's Sister reports that she has already seen a copay on a medication jump by 300%, with many more price hikes to come. That's a little something more for Democrat politicians to cheer about.

Bride of Rove, whose husband depends on dialysis, had some words of warning for the people of America:
This, my friends, is YOU in five years. . . . [W]hen money is tight or priorities are different, they drop you into the abyss.
Keep on laughing Democrats. Let everybody see who you really are.

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