Friday, March 12, 2010

What If ObamaCare Were A Sick Patient in Canada?

Obama wants ObamaCare up on its feet and ready for signature by March 18th, a mere 6 days away. [Update: Obama has just extended his "deadline" by 3 days to March 21.] But what if ObamaCare were not subject to the tender mercies of Congress, but instead were a Canadian patient waiting for cardiac bypass surgery?

Let's see. In that case, the president could expect to see ObamaCare wheeled into the operating room on May 22, 65 days from now (if it were still alive).

But let us say, for the sake of argument, that the Nanny State bill had, well, breast cancer. Average expected surgery date in Toronto: August 27.

Perhaps ObamaCare, like Nancy Pelosi keeps telling us, is not as sick as all that: it's merely been limping along. In Ontario, it could expect that knee replacement on December 28th, just in time to watch crowds celebrate the arrival of 2011.

Tell Congress you don't want to be forced to wait for health care.

Data source: Canadian Ministry of Heath and Long Term Care. Via theblogprof.

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  1. Of course he wants it done fast! Can Obama afford to have Congressmen going home and getting an earful during Easter break?