Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hypocrisy, Thy Name is NPR

Everybody except Lefties, Liberals, and Progressives knows that Lefties, Liberals, and Progressives want everyone in the world to follow their politically correct program, as long as that program isn't enforced in their neighborhoods. 

That's one reason it is so much fun seeing someone like Matt Welch of Reason Magazine nail the hypocrisy of America's Leftist press with spot-on accuracy.
[Juan] Williams' firing is a clarifying moment in media mores. You can be Islamophobic, in the form of refusing to run the most innocuous imaginable political cartoons out of a broad-brush fear of Muslims, but you can't admit it . . .

Or, seen through the discerning eyes of Stilton Jarlsberg:

H/t: Allapundit at HotAir.

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