Friday, October 29, 2010

Remember When Obama "Wasn't Aware" of the Tea Party?

Maybe he was just hoping:
But things have changed:

I'm not worried about the survival of the Democrat Party. Any party that can bus high school kids to polling places to vote for their candidates and hand deliver ballots to prisons while neglecting to send ballots to soldiers in combat--that's a party that can take care of itself.

It's the survival of economy, our freedoms, and the value of our votes that I'm worried about.


  1. Well put. I'm more worried about the GOP, now there is a party that has had a hard time taking care of itself . . . they better start minding themselves after the election.

  2. Ballots to prisoners but not to military personell? Only in Illinois.

    I'm sure there must be some real Americans in that state, but they are so muted and so drowned out by Chicago thugary that it is hard to know about them.

  3. @noone. The GOP hasn't taken very good care of itself in my memory.

    @Joe. Here's a Chicago patriot you might want to visit.