Thursday, January 19, 2012

Everything That Looks Like Charity and Tolerance--Isn't

I accidentally deleted today's post, which pointed out that 54% of American Catholics voted for Obama in 2008, despite his previous support of a bill that mandated infanticide for premature newborns who survived induced birth abortions, even horribly depriving those little ones of the barest comforts customarily afforded to the suffering dying. It is being reported that, as the economy tanks under Obama's policies, abortions are rising, mainly because so many pregnant women think they can't afford the children they are carrying.

I'm hoping that, unlike in 2008, the word will spread among Catholics, who represent about 25% of American voters, that Obama is not the charitable good guy that so many of them thought (without doing the requisite research) that he was three years ago.

To that end, a group called Catholic Vote has been putting together videos endorsing Rick Santorum, like the one below:



  1. It irks me to no end that a great number of Catholics(CINO's) voted for Obama, the infanticide supporter. It makes me sick how Catholics can ignore doctrinal issues that we are required to follow while solely thinking of issues that fall under prudential judgement.

    Great video!

  2. @Teresa -- Catholics, like many other Christians, sloppily falling for feel-good "social justice" (so-called), which really, when you come right down to it, ends up being moral relativism.