Friday, January 6, 2012

Obama and the I-Word

For once, the I-word appearing in the same headline as Obama's name is not the narcissistic I that Obama usually uses to decorate his limp oratory. Nor is it the word ImperialImmigration, Idiot, Illegal, Islam, or any other of a number of other words usually associated with Obama's name.

This time, it's the word Impeach, as in: Obama's Recess Appointments: An Impeachable Offense?

I personally do not see the current House of Representatives as capable of sufficient force of character to impeach Obama for crossing "from socialistic extremism into lawlessness" by making recess appointments when Congress is not legally recessed. Judging from past experience, Obama has every reason to rely on an irresolute House (where impeachment proceedings must lawfully begin) to permit his "subjective whim" to override the "clearly written" constitutional power of Congress to determine whether and when they is in session.

Slighted Democrats hoping to even the score by
demanding the impeachment of a Republican,
G.W. Bush, after Ceegar Willie escaped impeachment
convictions for perjury and obstruction of justice.
If the legislative apathy continues, this Molotov cocktail aimed at the U.S. Constitution will have found its mark, and the debris of what once was the Senate's role of "advise and consent" will soon be reincorporated to mean "rubber & stamp."

But, say, patriotic conviction (or even jealous guarding of Congressional or personal power) favorably inclines the ears of House members to the murmurs of impeachment abroad in the land.

That would produce for Obama the victim label that might suit a crafty president--and his political party--quite well in their efforts to revive the passions of their lethargic fans. If there's anything a Democrat likes, it's an underdog--real or imagined. 

And then again, a huge fight over whether Obama is guilty of an impeachable offense might be just what Dr. Soros ordered to replace Obama with a more palatable candidate on the Democrat ticket.

The one thing that Americans can count on, it seems obvious, is that whatever the Socialist Democrats and their top guy are up to, they are up to no good.


  1. I don't think the House should move on impeachment of Obama now...both for the reasons you suggest as well as the simple fact that there's no way the Democratic Senate would convict. A much better strategy, in my opinion, would be for the House Republicans to suspend ALL funding for Obama's favored initiatives until he publicly apologizes for his demagogic behavior. When the Obama whines about it (as you know he will) Boehner should come back with, "I'm sorry Mr. President; But we just can't wait to resist tyranny."

  2. Should be. Won't be. Establishment GOP thinks he'll be beaten in election. With Mittens. LAS very worried.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  3. @RSS -- I like your idea of cutting 0bama's funding, which in my view should have been done about $4 trillion dollars of mostly political payoffs ago. The whining would be non-stop, but I see more chance of the Earth splitting into pieces than of 0bama apologizing about anything, ever, particularly to the American people.

    @LAS -- Mittens = 0bama Lite. I don't want to believe that's what the American people want or will stand for. But then, in 2008 I didn't want to believe that a sizeable percentage of the population would fall at 0bama's feet.

  4. The part that bothers me more than anything is the smarmy way he looks at us and dares us to do something about it. Hate is a strong word and I save it for BO.

  5. @Odie -- I sometimes wonder if the pols and polsters have any idea how people really feel about 0.