Monday, January 2, 2012

Turning the Table in 2012

For three long, painful years, the blogosphere has provided evidence aplenty that an increasing multitude of Americans have been longing for the arrival of 2012 to signal the start of our opportunity to remove from office the current president of the United States.

Starting with a trickle of the economically alert and the politically astute whose numbers were soon bolstered by the newly unemployed, underemployed, and the nervous, for at least the past three years Americans have been hoarding money and supplies against the deepening economic winter, even as our stores of faith in the survival of our political system grow thin (along with, ironically, the celebrated "hope" for our future pleasure and prosperity).

Americans greeting 2012 as the opportunity to reclaim our eroding liberties are a special blend: we are a motley crew of descendents of the hardiest and bravest escapees of some of history's most villainous political and economic oppression. It is more than likely that your parents, your grandparents, yourself--or whoever it was in your family who first set foot on American soil--arrived here in the face of incredible odds against them. And, if you look over your shoulder at your family's past, you cannot escape noticing that a whole lot of surviving has been accomplished since then.

In our wait for 2012, those of us who have refused to be partisans of Barack H. Obama have been carrying on a defensive strategy: we have contested and annoyed Obamatons and we have gathered together as TEA partiers to study, entrench, and build and fortify our own networks. Lacking a leader in the executive office and a majority in the Senate, we have resolutely maintained our defensive position, but we are itching to climb of the trenches.

Now is the moment for us to oblige Obama to take full ownership of his gains, not merely in the luxurious privacy of whatever vacation resort he happens to be occupying at the moment, but far less comfortably in the eyes of the Americans on whose suffering he has built those gains.

The songs of schoolchildren establishing Obama as a juvenile superhero have quietened. Nobody believes that Obama is a deity anymore. His fingerprints are on so many of America's current problems that even formerly fierce supporters of Hope and Change have gone AWOL. In conversations in which former Obama supporters complain about their difficulties paying the most recent jump in their utility or food bill or finding a doctor who takes Medicare, a few well placed words can plant seeds of awareness.

Convincing Americans that a gain for Republicans is a loss for America is a game that Democrats have been playing for a long, long, time, using every kind of chicanery at their disposal.

The time is ripe to turn the table on them--but all we need to use is the truth. It is Democrats who ought to be fearing their own legislative or judicial victory because it will cost them the votes of people who recognize that, for them, that Democrat victory creates a real, tangible loss.

Our opportunities are everywhere. 2012 is a year in which I plan to make use of those opportunities.

Happy New Year to All!


  1. @Odie -- Hereabouts, the 2012 government budgetary directives are already starting to land. The suffering will be acute. Even the totally unquestioning indoctrinated can't help but notice that something is terribly, terribly wrong. If that can happen here in Progressive Paradise, it can happen anywhere in the country.