Saturday, February 4, 2012

Downtwinkle: Rat Families Evicted from Occupy DC

McPherson Park in happier days.
Minus their four-legged companions, stored-up bottles of urine, and other paraphernalia, two-legged occupods are being allowed to remain in McPherson Square, a downtown DC park, after a brief, albeit police enforced, cleaning operation.

Cleaning up after occupods, the unsavory new item on the job description of U.S. Park Police officers, requires a new "uniform": a full "sanitation" suit, complete with respirator mask. New police equipment includes a cherry picker, which today was used to remove a Guy Fawkes mask from the face of the statue of the Civil War hero, Maj. General James McPherson, for whom the park was named after he sacrificed his life in battle to preserve the Union and end slavery.


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