Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Q. What's more fun than having someone else pay for your contraception or abortion?

A. Making sure the person doing the paying believes that by doing so, he sins against humanity and God.

That's the New Revised American Way.

I must confess that even a conservative blogger like myself, hardened by long residence in a teeming hive of progressive orthodoxy, can still be sadly surprised by the intensity of the display of vitriol toward Catholics, their Church, and their religious beliefs that has been unleashed by the Obama administration's insistence that religious institutions--most particularly those based on respect for human life--pay for abortion-inducing and contraception drugs.

Contraception and abortion are available everywhere in the U.S.*

What is becoming scarce, it seems, are people who strongly believe in the sanctity of human life.

One must admit that people who believe in the sanctity of life are mighty handy to have around when it is your life--or the life of someone you love--that could use some saving. Hence, the existence of thousands of Catholic healthcare institutions in the U.S., ranging from the highest-ranked teaching hospitals to lowly local providers of home health assistance for the elderly and disabled.

On the other hand, people who respect the sanctity of life are a major pain in the butt when you are trying to, ahem, "reduce the surplus population," through such expediencies as, say, refusal of medical or health-care services and/or life-saving drugs, euthanasia, abortions, abortion-inducing drugs, etc., etc. (see socialized medicine, aka ObamaCare).

Choose your medicine, America, while you've still got the chance.

*As Mark Levin, among others, has pointed out.


  1. The alter of Obama is all that matters on the left.

  2. @Odie -- What scares me is that the Obama worshipers just might get what they're after. If only the rest of us didn't have to suffer along with them . . .