Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And to Think Neil Armstrong Walked on the Moon to Reach Out to Muslims . . .

Another genius-level insight from Barack Hussein Obama.

Can we move November up a few months, say to August? Please.


  1. Obama really does think of far out absurdities. I wish November could be moved up a couple months also.

  2. I watched the moon landing live. It did not make me think of Muslims, nor did it occur to me that part of NASA's role would ever have anything to do with Muslims. Only President BO could think he could pull that off.

  3. @ Teresa - America gave Obama the keys to the country, and he's using them to empty the treasury and give away our wealth and security as fast as he can to his masters.

    @ Joe - When Armstrong was landing on the moon, this country had a good grasp on what America's freedoms and sacrifices mean to the rest of the world. Hitler, Stalin, the Korean War, the Maoist takeover of China were all fresh in people's memories. Scientific minds were willing to go the limit to contribute to this country and the world. Now I wonder how many scientists and engineers are "holding back" on their research because they fear what this government might do with their discoveries.