Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Double Whammy: Two Libs Get Slammed by Sane People

It's all in the following video clip. First, California Congressman Brad Sherman tells constituents he never heard of Black Panther voter intimidation. Second, why I turn off Fox News every time Kirsten Powers opens her mouth.

An interview with Bartle Bull, the cracker renowned Civil Rights lawyer who was an eyewitness to the Black Panther intimidation, is here.

It's getting harder and harder to pull the wool over America's eyes. I think the Sleeping Giant is finally awake.

Hat tip: Drew M. via Ace of Spades HQ via Nice Deb.

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  1. It's getting harder and harder to pull the wool over America's eyes..trudat!!

  2. Ah yes, and this administration was the one that was going to bring us together.

  3. @ Honor and Joaquin-

    It is interesting to observe which groups this administration considers to be their constituency: ACORN, SEIU, the New Black Panthers, Mexico, South American dictators, and the Muslim world.

    That's been their decision, not America's. This administration have made the conscious decision to abandon and obstruct much of America, so it comes as no surprise that the rest of America is abandoning them.