Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm Tired of This -- How About You?

A few seconds of this town meeting of the atrociously condescending and utterly stupid Congressman Pete Stark (CA-13) have been broadcast on some conservative talk shows and Fox News. Stark is more honest than many of his colleagues in the House, though. His remedy to the problem that illegal immigrants have transformed Phoenix into a world kidnapping capital, second only to Mexico City, is that Phoenix residents "shouldn't walk home."

The comments of Stark's constituents haven't gotten air play, but you might be interested. I was:


Hat tip: Nickie Goomba.


  1. I just don't understand how anyone can be that ignorant and mean-spirited AND be elected every two years since 1970-something. It's unreal to me.

  2. Fuzzy - I wonder about that too. This guy obviously has no fear that he will lose enough votes to threaten his Congressional seat. I looked at his district map, and it doesn't seem to be more outrageously gerrymandered than most. I am toying with the idea that, in the same way that pure hatred of George Bush led to many idiocies, pure hatred of the Republican Party keeps many idiots festering in power. Contrast the behavior of John Murtha and Barney Frank against their long tenures in office. Dems typically would rather vote for anyone than a Republican. And then there's that union support. . .

  3. I think he does not care because he knows he is in a no lose situation. Even if he loses in November, he will probably get a better paying job as a lobbyist.

  4. He's a quasai Californian...what would you expect? What a complete idiot!