Tuesday, March 15, 2011

John Boehner's House of Wafflers*

Well, the Republican-led House did it again, passing its second short-term budget extender intended to fund the federal government for the next three weeks until April 8. This continuing resolution is much to the Dem-majority Senate's taste.

Altogether, between the two resolutions, the House will have managed to cut $10 billion from the 2011 budget, $4 billion the first time around and $6 billion more this time. That's a mere bag of shells when compared to the enormity of this year's deficit and this administration's backbreaking contribution to the national debt.

Among the many superfluous--and worse--budget items that the House continues to burden America with is the unconstitutional--not to mention repugnant--law popularly known as ObamaCare.

This move by Republicans awards Obama's shameful executive-branch entourage yet more time to weld ObamaCare into our system using the regulatory-power blowtorch that Kathleen Sebelius and other agency administrators picked up at the Little Shop of Congress. If these Obamatons get their way, the regulatory flame issuing from the ObamaCare blowtorch will reduce our precious Constitution to cinders, but hey . . . .

The waffling Republicans who just can't seem to make a decision to defund ObamaCare--despite the overwhelming voter and judicial mandate to do so--manage to remain firm in their conviction to pick up their paychecks, travel vouchers, perks, publicly funded pensions, and ObamaCare-exempt health insurance.

And they are pretty well content to tell the Conservatives and Tea Partiers who worked unceasingly to get them elected to go suck wind.

*Thanks to Mark Levin (via The Right Scoop) who has proposed a new name for the House of Reps, the "Waffle House."


  1. This is just so disappointing...but predictable.

  2. The "Waffle House" indeed! What really gets me right now is they think we're stupid and we're not watching.

    HEY CONGRESS! We put you there and we can send you back home!

  3. @John - The Republicans must want to keep the Dems in power no matter who holds the majority.

    @Odie - I'm lining up my vote now, and I have a mighty long memory.