Thursday, March 3, 2011

Another Christian Martyr in Pakistan

Until yesterday, Shabaz Bhatti was Pakistan's Minorities Minister and the only Christian in the Pakistani cabinet. He opposed Pakistan's blasphemy law, which makes insulting the founder of Islam a capital offense. Yesterday, the predictable happened: Bhatti was assassinated, gunned down in his unguarded car.

Two months ago, Salman Taseer, a Pakistani provincial governor and a defender of Aasia Bibi, a Christian woman sentenced to death under the blasphemy law, was assassinated by a Muslim guard assigned to protect him.

Shabaz Bhatti, a Roman Catholic, knew that his days were numbered if he did not stop speaking for Pakistani's Christians and other minorities. Four months ago, he sent the following interview to the BBC to be shown in the event of his assassination:

In it, Bhutti stated:
The forces of violence, militant band organizations, the Taliban, and al Qaeda: they want to impose their radical philosophy on Pakistan and whoever stands against their radical philosophy threatens them. When I am leading this campaign against Sharia law for the abolishment of blasphemy law and speaking for the oppressed and marginalized, persecuted Christian and other minorities, these Taliban threaten me.  But I want to share that I believe in Jesus Christ who has given His own life for us. I know what is the meaning of [the] cross, and I am following the cross, and I am ready to die for a cause. I am living for my community and my suffering people, and I will die to defend their rights. So these threats and these warnings cannot change my opinion and principles. I prefer to die for my principles and for the justice of my community rather [than] to compromise on these threats.
Thanks to the Right Scoop, where more video and information is available.
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  1. This group of people (Muzloons) won't be happy until we all support their ideas of the world and go back to the middle ages. I will say this one more time: There is no such thing as a moderate Muzloon!

  2. Calling them the religion of peace makes as much sense as global warming making it colder, and spending our way out of debt.

  3. We must continue to fight against Muslims who are filled with both hate and intolerance. It is so sad that he was assassinated and that there is probably going to be an increase in persecution against Christians now.

  4. @Woodsterman - In Pakistan, there used to be a Muslim who tried to help Aasia Bibi, who tried to stand up for herself when a group of Muslim women stopped her from drinking from the same bucket of water as them because she was a Christian (even though she was the one who had brought the water). His name was Salman Taseer. He was assassinated for his efforts by a guard assigned to protect him, and Taseers murderer was showered with rose petals in the courtroom by Muslim lawyers.

    @Trestin - Defending the idea that Islam as a religion of peace has cost many lives and untold suffering. The people of this country have got to face reality, unpleasant though it may be.

    @Teresa - This persecution is spreading and becoming worse. It is perilous to ignore this level of hate and intolerance.