Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Access Denied: NPR's Ron Schiller Scrubbed from New Job

Yesterday, I grabbed the following screen shot from the prominently displayed announcement of The Aspen Institute Web site and wondered how long it would last:

Not long. It was scrubbed today, as was Ronald J. Schiller's name from The Aspen Institute's roster of personnel.

This is all that remains under a search of the site for "Ronald Schiller":

Elsewhere this announcement is still clattering around the Internets, echoing the comradeship felt by Aspen Institute President and CEO Walter Isaacson for the fallen Schiller:
"Ron Schiller embraces and lives the values that we share as a community . . . ."

Remind me not to move to Aspen, Colorado.


  1. Ok, lets pause in our sorrow for him. Ok, nano second over.

    I hope he put some money in the bank, it may be a while before he finds another job.

  2. @conservative girl: You are ever so much more sympathetic than I!

  3. This made me smile.

  4. That Isaacson quote about values, and your response, are priceless. Thanks for the chuckle!

    How much you wanna bet they'll learn nothing from this?

  5. Rightly, that's where all the Hollyweird libs have their ski "Cabins". This guy should of fitted right in. After all, These people have probably written this guy many checks for NPR.

  6. Heh. His start date was to be April Fool's Day. Looks like the joke's on him.

  7. @Trestin - I'll bet a bunch of high-level fundraisers are feeling a mite less secure now that they've discovered that mere knuckle-dragging conservatives are capable of impersonating elite MusBro donors.

    @noone - This event certainly won't change any "shared values" in the land of the elites, but I think I can hear the whine of elite fundraisers' shredding machines from my porch.

    @Odie - Even more reason for me to stay out of Aspen. I can ski down my driveway anytime between November and April with no lift fee--and I won't even bump into Charlie Sheen! ;)

    @Zilla - The timing could not have been better!