Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muslims Celebrate Barbaric Slaughter of Israeli Babies in Gaza

Content warning: Graphic images released by the remaining family members:

The baby-slaughterers, anticipating adulation, couldn't wait to identify themselves as members of "Fatah," the most popular Palestinian political party. Hamas called the murder of the three little children and their parents "a heroic operation, and "residents of the Gaza city of Rafah on Saturday poured out on the streets to celebrate the terror attack."

Fatah logo: Two clenched fists holding rifles
and a hand grenade over the State of Israel,
the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip

This attack is being called part of a larger plan by the Muslim Brotherhood. That would be the same Muslim Brotherhood whose identity NPR fundraisers were just last month so blithely willing to "shield" from U.S. government audits in exchange for a $5 million "gift" from undercover reporters posing as representatives of a Muslim Brotherhood front group promoting worldwide shariah.

Update 3/14, 7:00 p.m.: The Guardian (via The Blaze) has reported that, within 24 hours of the attack, the Israeli government approved the building of 500 housing units in the large settlement blocks that Israel will be retaining under any "peace agreement"
Interior minister Eli Yishai, of the pro-settlement, rightwing Shas party, said Israel should build "at least a thousand new homes for each person murdered".
According to The Blaze, yesterday more than 20,000 mourners accompanied the bodies of the slain Fogel family members to their final resting place.



  1. Where is the outrage from the rest of the world? When is the west going to realize they are giving evil a free pass? This makes me sick! Shame on the world.

  2. I won't watch this video. I don't need it to reinforce my distrust (to say the least) of Musloons in general.


  3. This is outrageous! The persecution and murder of Jews needs to stop! The world's climate of hate towards Jews is stunning, is going backwards, and is eerily similar to anti semitism of Nazi Germany.

  4. @John - "Where is the outrage from the rest of the world?" As soon as I figure it out, I'll let you know . . . I think it's typical Leftie propaganda gone amok. The Left has such a big investment in portraying Israel as an aggressor that they can hardly turn back.

    @Odie - Sorry about the video. It took me two days to gather up the nerve to watch this video. When I did, it made me so sad and so angry that I could hear every pro-Palestinian terrorist remark ever made to me replaying in my brain. I'd like the authors of those remarks to see this video, so I posted it.

    About those pigs: greased, or au naturel? ;)

    @Teresa: It is getting more and more frightening.