Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9/11 First Responders Denied Entry to 9/11 Ceremony

You won't be seeing 9/11 first responder fire fighters, police officers, and civilian volunteers at this year's 9/11 ceremony, as usual, because they ARE NOT INVITED. City officials say there won't be enough room for them. However, not even a delegation representing the first responders has been included in the ceremony marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.
Here's one comment on this news gleaned from CBS New York:
On 9/11 I was conducting a business meeting in Northern New Jersey, just over the bridge from Manhattan. When we heard the news several of the attendees who were part of local fire department rescue teams asked permission to leave and participate in the rescue mission. Many were gone for over seven days. They not only were part of the rescue but also remained and were part of the clean up.
Later on I received news that my daughter-in-law was missing. For two hours my son kept calling her on her cell phone. No answer. We found out that a rescue team put a group of World Trade Center employees on a boat to Hoboken, New Jersey and secured their safety. The call came, and she was safe.
I would like to know which politicians participated in this rescue mission. Not only have we ignored the rescuer’s health issues, but now we are ignoring their bravery. The only people who belong at this ceremony are the immediate families of the loved one who was lost and the rescuers who participated in the saving of lives. Everyone else is secondary. 
I wonder if Daisy Khan is invited. You probably remember her in connection with the Ground Zero Mosque effort, which she co-organized with her husband, Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, otherwise known as the Ground Zero Mosque imam. It's possible. In the Believe-It-Or-Not world that is Mayor Bloomberg's New York City, Daisy Khan was welcomed as an advisor to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. Moreover, the Ground Zero mosque has not only the approval of Mayor Bloomberg and the financial assistance of NYC taxpayers (through help to the mosque project provided by the Mayor's office and staff), but also the support of Barack H. Obama expressed by him at the 2010 Ramadan dinner at the White House.

Needless to say, Barack H. Obama has received an invitation to the ceremony. No word yet on whether there's going to be room for his teleprompter.

Hat tip to the rightscoop.


  1. @Odie: Another Believe It or Not: Bloomberg is on his third term after a special amendment was passed specifically to permit it.

  2. Bloomberg, Khan, and Iman Rauf are all CFR members. I can tell you that according to Admiral Chester Ward, who was invited into the CFR, in their lexicon there is no term of revulsion as "America First".

    The way these brave souls have been treated is shameful and warrants a full accounting, but don't hold your breath for those currently in power to do that.

  3. I feel dumber every time I watch her try to give an interview or express an opinion. Maybe it's just me?

  4. @mother - I looked up Admiral Ward's quote, which matches with what I know about Libs. I also went to the CFR page and found out that Brian Williams, Fareed Zakaria, Angelina Jolie, Chuck Hagel, and Erin Burnett are the poster kids who make the CFR "indispensible." Cut me a break.

    @Trestin - I don't have the stomach to watch her try to give an interview. That's what the off button on my remote is for.