Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama's Blunder Bus Built in Canada

Just heard this on Rush, and I should have known. . . .

Leave it to those curious folks at the New York Post to discover that the contract of Obama's 2 buses, each costing $1.1 million, "lists the country of origin as Canada and place of manufacture as 'outside U.S.'"

Tell us more about creating American jobs, Mr. President.

Other details revealed by the Post:
Obama's new ride is equipped to carry all the baggage a president needs -- including the "football" that allows him to remotely control US nuclear weapons.

There's electronic equipment allowing Obama to communicate and teleconference worldwide.
Like his GM-built limousine, nicknamed "The Beast," the bus has armored doors. 

The president also has large flat-screen TV sets and comfortable couches. 

There's a bathroom, but unlike on Air Force One, no sleeping area. 
No pie, either:
Obama heads for the pies at the Coffee Mill cafe in Zumbrota, Minnesota (Reuters' photo).

Personally, I believed the feds when they assured us that O's bus and its red twin were purchased from a Tennessee-based company. That's only a half-truth. Hemphill Brothers Coach of Tennessee installed the custom interior upgrades into a Canadian-made bus shell.

I wonder where the raw and manufactured materials for those custom upgrades originated? China, perhaps?

Still, it's nice to know that an American company installed the U.S. president's ride interiors, including the baggage area for the US nuclear weapons "football."

I'll bet Hemphill Brothers remembered to install pie racks and burger warmers on those buses. 

The president does have his priorities.

In his ongoing effort to act as a role model for America's overweight kids, Obama had his photo taken at the Coffee Mill cafe ordering apple, pumpkin, German chocolate, and coconut cream pie, plus "something with Graham Crackers." A note to non-bakers: If a pie is worth pulling your 40+ vehicle motorcade to the curb, it isn't a low-fat, low-cal treat.


  1. low fat of course...what a tyrant...let them eat pie!

  2. @Woman - He just loves to rub our noses in it.

  3. Look here, I completely understand his motives and despise him for them.

  4. To the tune of Gilligan's Island

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of a fateful trip
    That started a tragic moron
    Aboard this shiny ship.

    First Lady was a mighty sailing man,
    The skipper weak and unsure.
    2.2 million bucks that day
    For a three day bus tour, a three day bus tour.

  5. For Pete's sake what is wrong with these people? I'm just...speechless.

    (Actually, not speechless, but if I start, it'll take about 12 hours and 50,000 words before I stop again so I just won't start! Heh. ;-)

  6. @Odie - The only motive I share with O is his pursuit of pie! That I understand. But, unlike O, I don't bite the hand that rolls the dough!

    @innominatus - Genius!

    @Tina - That's the 14 trillion dollar question.