Thursday, August 4, 2011

Every One of These People Paid Actual Money to Wish Obama a Happy Birthday

After 30 months of staggering levels of public spending, massive failed bailouts, rising unemployment, declining consumer confidence, and a collapsing housing market, the American economy is literally on its knees. 
~Nile Gardiner

These people obviously have not gotten the memo:

This gala Obama birthday fundraiser at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago was followed by a $35,800-a-plate birthday dinner fundraiser. (Credit: Larry Downing, Reuters)



  1. I guess we're pay welfare recipients too much.

  2. A fool and his money are soon parted.

  3. @Odie & Trestin - Who needs to earn a living based on honest hard work and a productive contribution to society when you can live off the fat of the land as a petulant foot-stomper?

    No wonder they call this guy a genius.