Monday, October 17, 2011

Best View Yet of the Occupiers, Denver Issue

Master photo-journalist El Marco has published another of his incisive not-to-be-missed photo-essays, this one entitled: "Neo-Cannibals, Deadbeats, Dopers and Democrats Occupy Denver."

A taste:
The crowd, which later distilled into a hot-headed mob battling police, included an odd mixture of leftists dominated by organized communist, trade union and anarchist groups, as well as a large presence of Ron Paul libertarians. Tie-dyed psychedelic geezers from the ’60s tottered about amongst more recent generations of drug-users, and the smell of medical marijuana mingled in the air with the sounds of the zombie-like chanting made famous by the Occupy Wall Street leftists in New York.

An Occupy Denver community organizer leads the bizarre chanting ritual. Never have I seen anything that comes as close to a mind-control exercise in a free society. The orange tape insignia on this woman’s arm indicates that she is a leader. I was told that any questions I had could be addressed to someone with this type of insignia. When I first saw this militant-looking marking, it reminded me of  the

Charlie Chaplin, complete with fist pumping, comically portrays a famous mid-20th century socialist dictator speaking out against Jewish bankers and capitalists in general.

Make sure you see the rest here.


  1. I've been having an interesting battle with them on Facebook.

  2. @Trestin - I stopped in. These nincompoops are happy to welcome Nazis to their ranks. My, my, my, isn't that preciously PC?

  3. The chanting is very bothersome. They don't seem to mind being made to look like they are under some sort of mind control. Truly freaky.

  4. @Girl -- Every time I see the chanting on the news or a video, it reminds me of 1950s and 60s sci-fi horror movies. No wonder, those were written and produced largely by people who had survived (and I do not use that word casually) the horrors produced by the totalitarianism they are soliciting.

    I am sickened by the fact that these people have access to an incredible wealth of information produced by the best minds in history via their huge university libraries and the Internet, yet they prefer to huddle together in some kind of group-think daze.

    What a waste!

  5. Will this woman be one of the leaders once the communists take over? Here is a great example of why they no longer teach history in schools.

  6. @Odie -- Exactly! If they taught history in school, this woman would only be getting away with this behavior if she were on a Hollywood movie set auditioning for the role of a Nazi Aufseherinnen.