Sunday, October 16, 2011

Guess Who Just Got a Big Loan from Obama? Hint: OWS . . .

None other than the owners of Zuccotti Park, the current NYC digs of Occupy Wall Street, where the "occupiers," according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, are welcome to stay as long as they want, eating food that "just appears."

MAD is correct: the occupiers think they can spell. They even think they can count. As products of a university system informed by socialism, what they mostly can do is spout anarcho-commie slogans. Otherwise, they would have to face the inconvenient truth that their universities need capitalism to survive.
H/t: It Don't Make Sense


  1. And of course no one even knows this corruption!..what a depressing situation my friend...UGH!

  2. Cancel ALL scholarships! (I feel better now)

  3. @Woman -- It is an educational experience just finding out how clueless these folks are. And that's the way the administration likes them. Loud and clueless.

  4. @Odie -- Who needs scholarships when you can have Starbucks?