Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Barack Obama Gets Back Jobs for Americans

April Fool! But of course you knew that.

Remember the 28 illegal aliens who were busted some weeks back in a raid of a manufacturing plant in Washington state? (I posted about it here.)

When those 28 jobs opened up at Yamato Engine Specialists in Bellingham, Washington, hundreds of unemployed American citizens and legal immigrants lined up in hopes of landing one.

Guess who has working permits now? Yes, 26 of the 28 illegal workers have gotten the Obama stamp of approval to fill jobs that U.S. citizens might be using to feed their American families. (You know, the families that U.S. patriots have shed blood to protect and defend over the course of more than two hundred years--those families.)

As you've probably heard, today's unemployment figures show that 740,000 private-sector workers in the U.S. got the ax last month, together with 25,000 U.S. government workers. Close to 3/4 of a million jobs lost in the U.S. in a single month.

That brings U.S. unemployment up to about 25 million.

The number of U.S. jobs held by illegal aliens in this country? Somewhere between 6 and 7 million.

You might be tempted to think that illegal aliens are having at least as much trouble finding jobs here in the U.S. as American citizens.

April Fool again!

According to the Center for Immigration Studies:

The unemployment rate among native-born high school dropouts is 17 percent. But the rate among legal and illegal immigrants without a high school diploma is only 10.6 percent.

I guess we know who's looking out for who.

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  1. Is there any doubt that this administration cares more about illegal aliens than tax paying Americans?
    Is there any doubt that this administration see 12 million aliens as potential voters, and will successfully push through legislation to legalize them?