Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Roesgen Sneers at American Patriot, Baby, and A. Lincoln

It just keeps getting worse and worse. Thanks to American Thinker, we get to see what passes for unbiased reporting these days and also to read Big Fur Hat's profoundly disturbing analysis of this shameful event.

What does liberty have to do with taxes?

Susan Roesgen derisively asks this question at a Tax Day Tea Party?

This so-called "interview" illustrates a great divide this nation now faces.

On one side of the chasm are Americans like the concerned dad who take the trouble to examine today's problems in light of the experiences of leaders like Abraham Lincoln and the "fathers" Lincoln greatly respected, the ones who "brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty."

On the other side of the chasm are Americans like sneering, rude, whining Susan Roesgen and her clueless comrade Kyra Phillips back at the CNN studio who couldn't care less that the Tax Day Tea Parties commemorated the Boston Tea Party of 1773, at which Sons of Liberty pitched tons of tea into Boston Harbor because they were offended by (is there any way of mentioning this tactfully) the Tea Tax?

Liberty and taxes unconnected? No. Brain cells unconnected--that I could believe.

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