Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party in Upstate New York

Yesterday afternoon I drove from my little corner of Progressive Paradise to the nearest Tax Day Tea Party I could find, which was held in the public square of Corning, NY, population about 11,000. About 600 people showed up in the first hour to exercise their right of assembly.

Like other Tea Parties, it was a family affair, quiet, peaceable, with just about every available demographic represented, including many young parents actively teaching their children about American values. Musicians offered music, and speakers offered their insights into how their neighbors and businesses suffer as they try to keep up with rapidly escalating taxes. A big problem in New York State is that many young people can't afford to stay.

Plenty of American flags and Don't Tread on Me banners were on display, along with an inspiring variety of homemade protest signs that reflected one of the true strengths of Yankee patriots, an ability to employ freedom of thought to get to the heart of the matter. Some of my favorites were:
Obamanomics: Rob Peter ... Pay Paul. If that doesn't work, Rob Paul ... Pay Peter.

What part of "We the People" don't you understand?

Don't apologize FOR America --Apologize TO America


The Constitution is NOT just a piece of paper.

Hear, hear.


  1. It's great that people are FINALLY doing things like this ... I wish we'd done it earlier.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to participate (directly) in the event -- but I was there in spirit, so to speak!

  2. Yes Hercules, it is about time! I was fortunate and able to attend a Tea Party, and I must tell you that I left feeling restored. There are so many good people in the world, and many people who treasure their American liberties.