Friday, March 26, 2010

The ObamaCare War on Doctors: NJ Physicians Strike Back

The first legal challenge to ObamaCare by medical doctors has been filed in New Jersey by a group known as NJ Physicians. In their own words, the group took legal action "after finding that the vast majority of physicians in New Jersey strongly oppose the new Act and fear that it will make it more difficult for them to provide quality healthcare to their patients."

From the group's Web site:

NJ Physicians calls for a restructuring of the reimbursement system to recognize quality, efficiency and effectiveness.  It cites the Mayo Clinic’s recent announcement that it may no longer accept any Medicare patients because it is losing millions of dollars by treating them efficiently and effectively.

Leaving physicians with the choice between practicing efficiently and earning a living is not a solution to the problem. Without fixing the reimbursement system and providing meaningful tort reform to eliminate defensive medicine, costs will continue to rise, insurance premiums will continue to rise, and rather than improving access to healthcare, the Act may well have the opposite effect. Indeed, with passage of the Act, many physicians are already planning early retirement in the face of an already anticipated severe doctor shortage.

Given the current climate, it is highly unlikely that Congress will soon revisit healthcare reform unless the courts overturn the existing Act.  If the courts do overturn the Act, Congress will have another opportunity to pass real reform.  We believe that Congress has missed a critical opportunity to truly improve the healthcare delivery system, and that physicians and patients deserve another opportunity – hopefully with less partisan divide – to assure the continuation and improvement of the finest healthcare system the world has ever known. 
Members of this NJ Physicians "hope to bring physicians' concerns directly to the attention of the United States Supreme Court."

Good luck, Docs. You'll be waiting in a long line.
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  1. Doctors should declare war ObamaCare by going on strike against all government health care programs—by opting out of Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, etc.


  2. Dr. G,

    When the Mayo Clinic stops taking Medicare, those of us who are paying attention know that most of the rest of America's doctors cannot be far behind.

    Unfortunately, not enough of America is paying attention.

  3. The floodgates have opened. How long, I wonder, until a class action law suit of ordinary Americans who refute the government's health insurance purchase mandate is filed?

  4. The medical backlash has yet to be felt, and with luck, the 20% of the economy represented by medical professionals will make their voices heard. I don't know any of them that favor ObamaCare.