Tuesday, August 24, 2010

America Says No to 9/11 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero; Daisy Whines

As an out of work Union Carpenter, I’d rather starve than earn a bloody check from this job.

So proclaimed this honorable American at Sunday's rally against the Ground Zero mosque. (Photo from Gathering of Eagles: NY.)  And 77% of mainstream American voters join him in his opposition to the mosque.

Meanwhile, Daisy Khan, who is holding down the pro-Shariah fort in the U.S. while her husband, Imam Rauf, is on his American taxpayer-funded "bridge-building" tour in the Middle East, was shocked, shocked! to find out that all of America isn't bowing-down-at-the-waist-grateful for what Americans are supposed to believe are her sublime efforts to foster "healing" in the U.S. with a stick-in-the-eye 9/11 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero (via Jihad Watch):
Asked if America was "Islamophobic," Khan responded that it's like "metastasized anti-Semitism."
Wow, that would be bad.

Imagine the rest of the world holding Islam in the same high regard as Islam holds Judaism.

Is Daisy really afraid of that?

Not on your life. If she really feared that, the jet plume from Daisy's one-way flight to Saudi Arabia or Malaysia would have been trailing across the sky long ago.

What Daisy is doing instead is proceeding full steam ahead with the 9/11 Victory Mosque plans:
"Of course, it has to go ahead," she said. "There's so much at stake."
Daisy is out there stirring that ol' cauldron to see how much pain and bad feeling she can put on the boil--something she's obviously quite good at.

And then she can whine about it afterward.

Nonetheless, Daisy must be disappointed that the American people aren't quite up to being controlled by the ruling-class wannabes and their imam friends. Shariah law can come in mighty handy when it comes to "controlling the masses."

The next rally opposing Ground Zero: September 11.

Meanwhile, Daisy can start explaining what's really "at stake" at the 9/11 Victory Mosque. And then, she can start explaining her husband's freshly exposed defense of al Qaida.



  1. Let's see whether I undersatand Daisy K.

    It is OK for all of Islam to summarily hate Jews, and infidels in general, but it is wrong for anybody to suggest that a mosque at ground zero is inappropriate, 'cause that makes them Islamaphobic?

    I have a suggestion for driving Miss Daisy...where and how.

  2. She is using the Arab-Muslim version on the race card. The real problem is that these people have ties to terrorist groups like Hamas.

  3. I have a suggestion for driving Miss Daisy...where and how. ..lol...yup!

  4. WHT, I have a special driving spot picked out for driving Miss Daisy.

    Excellent article Quite Rightly!!

    Daisy is a religious bigot who is intolerant of other religions while wanting other religions to be tolerant of Islam. Such blatant hypocrisy and bigotry.... This must stop!!!

    Church in Mecca!!