Friday, August 20, 2010

Bill Whittle: When Tolerance Becomes a Code Word for Suicide

A taste of Whittle's observations:
Giving up everything--at every turn--to people who give up nothing in return and whose response to charity and decency is merely to increase the outrageousness of their demands is not tolerance, and it's not decency, and it's certainly not moral superiority.

It's not the highest ideals of the American character.

It's cowardice.

It's the unwillingness to face a threat proclaimed by loudspeakers all across the world every single week.

It's the moral weakness to face the fact that, for every ideology in the world, there is an opposing one that wishes for, plans for, prays for, and eventually executes its destruction.

And it's one more data point that our pampered, idiotic, and self-proclaimed morally superior elites have reached a point of self-loathing and self-delusion that drives them to actions that are indistinguishable from suicide.

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  1. He does a great job with this one. Two thumbs up.